Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers, Poetry and a special song

My Mom.


She taught me how to be a great mother.

She taught me how to be a supportive wife.

She taught me how to say No.

She taught me how to lean on God.

She taught me how to serve others.

She taught me how to be confident in my decisions.

She has always been there for me through the difficult times, the happy times, the crazy times!

Happy Mother's Day Mom... I love you!

I am entering this photo of my mom at I Heart Faces.

My Mother-in-law.


My mother-in-law wrote this adoption poem recently and I asked if I could share it on my blog. It means a lot to us that she has supported our adoptions and loves these two little girls like the rest of her grandchildren.

Adoption ©2011, Charlotte Riegel

They did nothing to deserve being orphans.
They did nothing to deserve the love and lavish lifestyle
they now enjoy.

My son and his wife adopted two little girls from Asia,
adding to their very busy household of 4 children.
Now they have six children.
Some questioned their 'sanity'.

When I see the love they have for all their children,
it humbles me.
They are demonstrating to the world
what God's love is like
for those who are non Jewish,
adopted into the Kingdom of God.

We have done nothing to deserve this,
yet we benefit from being part of God’s family.
We enjoy His love, His provisions, His grace,
His mercy, His guidance, His comfort,
His wisdom, His protection, His inheritance...

I am grateful for adoption.

Photographs -- by Jesse Peters

I got the best Mother's Day gift that I could ever even imagine! My husband supports a local jazz artist and Jesse Peters agreed to write a song for Tim, to give me, for mother's day. I added some photos to show along with this song written ESPECIALLY FOR ME.

*you will have to turn the music off at the bottom of the page.

I am joining in on Sunday Snapshot.

Sunday Snapshot


Dixie-Lee said...

Such beautiful tributes all around. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's who will read this.

the meaklims said...

Beautiful picture of your Mom. And a beautiful poem written by your MIL too, we certainly do benefit in a huge way, from being part of God's family!

How special to have a song written for you.


Danae said...

Every piece of this post is beautiful…

The Denis Family said...

very special mothers day present! Great photo of Zoe to end your song with!
The Poem-Wow what a treasure!

Marie said...

I love everything about this special to have 2 godly, and beautiful women as your mentors! What a special song...precious!

Felicia said...

You captured the strength and the beauty of your mom! The angle is really great.

Krista Kei said...

I adore these photos you have shot! I love that you put your mom and mother-in-law and paid tribute to them! The photos really show their strength and beauty.

Patrick and Christina said...

Beautiful post are so blessed to have 2 godly women as mentors to you and your family.

Love your special song! Wow! Great slide show of Zoe and Lilah!

Monica said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Paige!

That song is an amazing gift! It truly is beautiful. I couldn't help thinking as I watched it how many people would want it for their adoption videos (I know it would have been perfect for mine!)

Beautiful post all around.

Monica said...

Paige, I loved this post. From the poem to the photographs to the special song. You must feel so blessed! Thank you for sharing...and Happy Mother's Day!