Monday, May 9, 2011

Six months with Zoe


How we love our girl! These six months have gone so quickly it amazes me. I feel like all the adoption reading we did before we got both girls has everything backwards. At least in our case. Zoe attached immediately to me (Tim is still taking some work) and we wonder why she doesn't like men. We felt her orphanage care was lacking in many areas, and yet she is very affectionate and loving, so she must have had nannies who loved her. Zoe still has her tantrums, but for the most part the laying down on the floor and kicking things, or throwing things has stopped. She no longer bites her sister. She will still grab Lilah's glasses when angry and toss them across the room. Usually, Lilah is asking for it. Zoe doesn't really strike out unless provoked.


We still have some language and comprehension issues. She seems to understand what we are saying usually, if she doesn't understand she will repeat "what? what?" She doesn't seem to always get yes or no answers. If she asks for a snack and I say "in a little while", she immediately cries and whines and asks "why?", but if I say "Yes, in a little while" she is okay and waits. I can understand most of what Zoe says, but not all, partly because of speech issues with regards to both her palate and the pronunciation of sounds in the English language. Her speech therapist feels she shouldn't need too much help though.


We have one girl who is very bossy and controlling with her words, and Zoe who is very physically bossy. She is very dramatic and puts her hands on her hips, sticks her finger out and YELLS. You never know when she is going to lose it... but she will only take so much. The more comfortable that Zoe got in our home, the more testing she became. She gets out of her bed many times before falling asleep, to get toys and books, etc. She does handle discipline very well. She will cry when put in a time out, but it is short lived and then she apologizes and wants her hug. It did take awhile for her to understand how the time out worked, she would get off her step over and over and over, but she now will stay put.


Zoe eats everything! But no longer eats food she finds on the floor! She will stop eating when she is full and she loves all fruit and vegetables. We have found that she is lactose intolerant which isn't very pleasant. She will steal candy from her brother's rooms if she knows that it is there.

She also doesn't have many boundaries with things in the house. If they are out, it seems to be fair game. This is also improving slowly.

Picnik collage

Zoe has a sweet personality. She is soft spoken, affectionate and loving. We have now completed our six month post placement with our social worker. The whole adoption experience with Zoe has been wonderful. She is a typical four year old girl and her issues (which are very few) are something we can completely understand the "why's" of and deal with accordingly.

Picnik collage2

I look forward to watching her grow and seeing how she thrives. We know she will!



Marie said...

Time sure does fly! It is wonderful to hear how well and quickly Zoe has adjusted..isn't God good?!

the meaklims said...

She is lovely, a beautiful girl, and has adjusted incredibly. Time will only make things better and better! :)

It seems like you have had her so much longer than 6 months!


Melanie said...

Oh my WORD I love that girl! Tears in my eyes. I'm with Jill, it seems like she's been with us forever. :)

The Drinkwaters said...

I can't believe it has only been six months - it feels so much longer! Zoe is simply beautiful, and she is thriving in a loving and supportive family.

Denise said...

So wonderful to hear how great she is doing :) We all need to hear these positive stories as it seems easier for people to only post the negative/difficult ones.

And your pictures are great as always.

Dixie-Lee said...

I so look forward to meeting my new great niece this fall and getting reacquainted with Lilah. I know it will be hard for her to remember me but I don't think it will take to long before I am able to give her a hug.

It definitely does feel longer than 6 months already -- time really does go way too fast.

Monica said...

It's only been six months?! I keep forgetting that you received her only last year ...

Life with Zoe sounds wonderful. She is so adorable, and it's exciting to see her thrive in your home.

Monica said...

What a difference the love and support (and gentle guidance) of a family makes to these little ones. So happy to hear of Zoe's progress. Congrats on 6 months with Miss Zoe!

Patrick and Christina said...

She is adorable!

You can tell by those pictures just how much she is thriving within your beautiful family. So good to hear about her progress...You are great parents!