Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: {The Fountain}


There is a small fountain at the entrance of our community. Many mom's will take their kids there to play in the water. We had one hot day, amongst many rainy days, and so we decided to head over and enjoy the park.


The girls weren't too sure at first.


And they headed into the water slowly. They kept looking at me wondering if I would allow them to get wet...


The water was COLD and you never know how Lilah will react to a situation like this. But Zoe is a waterbug and was ready to jump right in.



Once they were in, I couldn't get them out. They laughed and laughed, which is something they are doing more and more of together as they grow closer.



You can't help but smile when you see such joy on their faces...

Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy. -- Sarah Ban Breathnach


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Marie said...

Oh what fun! I love your comment about enjoying the moments. It is so very true. It is the little precious moments that make life so much fun!

the meaklims said...

Awesome! Love those big smiles!

And isn't that water cold, our splash pads are the same. I don't know how the kids go in there at all! I love water, but not cold water! :)


Patrick and Christina said...

What fun! I love that Lilah was right in their with her sister! Sister's can bring out the best in us.

Zoe is just beautiful in the second to last shot! She gives the impression of being totally comfortable with herself...and she is so young to have such things figured out!

Denise said...

so sweet. moments like that where they can laugh together are so bonding :)

Beth said...

I love the one with both girls with their backs to the water:)