Wednesday, July 20, 2011

13th birthday hiking trip

CMH Summer Adventures guests at the Bobbie Burns lodge can experience an exhilarating excursion to the summit of Mt. Nimbus along North America's longest and most extensive via ferrata route. Deep in the Purcell mountains, the Bobbie Burns mountain guides designed and created a Via Ferrata (Italian for "Iron Way") adventure like no other.



For Josiah's 13th birthday (which was in May) he was given a hiking trip with Canadian Mountain Holidays. This would be an adventure for just Josiah and Tim to enjoy, as I am not quite so adventurous. In fact, I likely would've had nightmares after...


See why?


Tim and Josiah were driven by a bus from Banff, Alberta out to a heli-pad near Radium, British Columbia. They were then flown out to the Bobbie Burns Lodge, which only has access by logging roads or helicopter. Josiah was very excited that he was able to sit in the front seat both there and back. They were also flown out each day for their hikes, known as heli-hiking.




They saw lots of mountain goats, some bears and watched an avalanche happen across the valley. Ummmm.... more nightmares.


The scenery in this great country of ours is simply amazing.




The suspension bridge...

The Mount Nimbus route is the most extensive route in North America. The route has re-bar steps drilled deep into the rock face and, maintaining an attachment to the steel cable for the duration of the route, climbers make their way up the steep (ok, near-vertical) rock faces and across suspension bridges. On the Mt. Nimbus route there is some down-climbing involved as well as an amazing 60 metre rapell down to terra firma.





Josiah was in his element. He is one adventurous young man! He said there couldn't possibly be any better trip to take, than this.




the meaklims said...

Un-flippin'-believable! Honestly, my jaw is lying on the ground. I want to be there, even though I KNOW I would have peed my pants.

That is beyond believable.
And the shots are epic.



arnie&bekah said...

WOw, I have to show Arnie!! He is going to want to do this!1 Looks like he had the time of his life! Best birthday present!

Danae said...

Absolutely breathtaking…and I mean breathtaking. That bridge?!?! Yikes! Took my breath away & my stomach dropped just looking at those pictures. You and Tim are some seriously very cool (& brave :) parents!

Marie said...

Wow! What an adventure! Can I be your kid for my 40th???LOL!! What a cool gift!

teresa said...

Stunning photos, phenomenal scenery, unbelievable adventure, but definitely not my idea of a good time either! That bridge is something out of the Cliffhanger movie - yikes!! Glad to hear they loved it, and may my own children never request such a thing!

Denise said...

Sounds like the perfect gift for a 13 year old boy and his dad. Unfortunately, this computer is blocking out all of your photos, so I'll catch up next month :(

Jireh-Shaddai said...
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Jireh-Shaddai said...

Aw, I climb mountains but nothing compares to that :) His majesty is amazing!! greetings :) (i really love the photo with your names, cute thing!!)

Mommy said...

Oh my word. PAIGE! Those photos are beautiful but they make me want to lose my dinner. THAT is CRAZY! Beautiful but CRAZY! I hope my son never becomes that adventurous. ;)

Patrick and Christina said...

Jaw dropping scenery!

Simply looking at that suspension bridge gives me vertigo! Wow, Tim and Josiah are incredibly adventurous...a seriously unforgettable trip for the birthday boy.

Wow, Wow, Wow!

Umm - who took those fantastic pictures?