Sunday, July 10, 2011

Koln (Cologne)



There was one thing I wanted Abby to see while in Germany. And it was this Cathedral in Koln.

Koln Cathedral

Koln2 collage

Construction of this Cathedral began in 1248 and took until 1880 to complete. It is one of the worlds largest churches and the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. It is a World Heritage Site.



In World War II this Cathedral was hit by seventy aerial bombs and remained standing while the city around it was flattened. These bombs are the reason that the outside of the Cathedral is mostly still black today.





Abby and Meike climbed the 360 steps up the bell tower, where there are eleven bells, four of which are medievel. This 24-ton St. Petersglocke "Bell of St. Peter" was cast in 1922 and is the largest free-swinging bell in the world.


Koln collage


In these photos from the bell tower you have a beautiful view of the Rhine.

The girls went to three different cities yesterday by train and toured around. But what is one thing they had to take the time to do in each city? Shop, of course!



Jerusha said...

Those photos are unreal...breathtakingly beautiful!

Beth said...

Stunning photos. Amazing to think people spent generations on those buildings. Have you read Pillars of the Earth? Reminded me of that book.
Wow, her pics bring back so many memories. I visited family in Germany about 8 summers between the ages of 15 and mid 20s. I loved the shopping streets and one of my faves is there on her photos- Douglas!! So cool. I'm sure she's having a blast. What a great experience for her. Lucky girl.

the meaklims said...

Isn't European history fabulous - and so are these photos!


The Drinkwaters said...

What a wonderful way to spend the summer! Hope Abby enjoys the rest of her trip!

Patrick and Christina said...

Her photo's are unreal! That is one fantastic Cathedral!

Hope she continues to enjoy her visit and looking forward to more fantastic pictures. (Makes me want to pack up and travel!)