Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cypress Hills


We had a lovely ten day vacation camping in Cypress Hills. The same place we go every year.



The weather at the beginning was a bit cool, but we still managed to go to the pool everyday. Zoe is a little fish and climbed in and out, over and over, just so she could jump in.




There were Dragonflies everywhere. Much better than the mosquitoes that we have here!


Josiah was only there for a few days, as he went to skateboard camp at Eagle's Nest Ranch. He loved it! Abby also came back from Europe while we were there... it was SO GOOD TO SEE HER!

random shots

Even though I didn't take a lot of pictures this trip... Micah was about done with the posing.


We felt very done with camping by the end of the ten days and our trailer is now put away for the year. I came home sick and with a ton of stuff to do within the next six days... I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.


The house is a mess and is also in the middle of being re-painted.

My office is a mess and I have a ton of paperwork to get done.

I need to get the back-to-school stuff done.

I am planning a trip for my mom and me, who will be celebrating big birthdays this fall.

We are in the middle of buying a vacation home in Phoenix, which should be wrapped up and a done deal very soon.

But... I also need to pack for Paris! On Monday, we leave for London and Paris for a week to celebrate 20 years of marriage. I think the stress of getting stuff done will all be worth it!


Shawna said...

Looks wonderful, did Eli set up a trap for the squirrels?

the meaklims said...

Wow, you ARE busy! Hope you're feeling better. And you will have fun in Paris, that's for sure! :)

I know the feeling of having your house painted, our's is in the middle of the same mess, this is the second week and I'm about to go crazy! The painter promised me he should have the trim wrapped up tomorrow and I can at least get my furniture pushed back to the walls!

Love those pctures, especially the ones of the chipmunks - I adore those little creatures, we didn't have them in Ireland when I was growing up.


Denise said...

I hear you about the mess! My house is still a disaster and trying to paint trim during Amara's naps isn't working so well :( And your laundry pile looks almost as big as mine! If you get a spare minute, call me before you leave for Paris - otherwise we'll catch up when you get back. Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

The Drinkwaters said...

Happy almost Anniversary! Enjoy your time in Paris!

Paige said...

Shawna, Eli talked about catching the squirrel, but it just wouldn't be quite as much fun without Tyler!

Marie said...

I love the picture of Zoe jumping into the water. Her expression is priceless!
Seeing your pictures has made my kids all excited...we leave for Cypress Hills on Sunday. It was the only time available so we feel pretty fortunate to be able to go.
That pile of laundry is pretty intimidating! Hang in will be worth it! Enjoy your time in Paris! Oh...and Happy Anniversary!

Danae said...

Love the picture of Zoe and Lilah.

'91 was a great year for weddings...we will also celebrate our 20th come this November! Congrats!

Monica said...

Happy anniversary!!! I'm so excited for you about your London / Paris trip. Enjoy every minute! (Like you need to be told that!) I cannot wait to see pics. Don't forget to take photos of the cool Metro stations - that's one of my big photography regrets!! :)

Patrick and Christina said...

I hope you are feeling better soon...especially in time for that big trip to Paris! Congrats on 20 years of Marriage!

I love, love, love Cypress hills it is such a magical place to camp with the family! Looks like you all had a good time.

p.s. Your photo's are simply priceless!

Melanie said...

I realized just when Abby was going to walk through the doors that I should have brought my video camera to capture her entrance for you. I did shed tears for you though. ;)