Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My internet here is very very slow and so my photos for now will be little. We had a great time in London and it was a very easy city to get around. Our hotel was very close to everything and so we walked a lot. We had dinner at a pub. Fish and chips, suet and beer.

Westminster Abbey was amazing. The architecture was stunning and overwhelming. The history of the monarchy is confusing and complicated, but fascinating at the same time. To walk the halls where the latest Royal wedding just took place was breathtaking!

Buckingham Palace is kind of simple by comparison. It is huge and grand, but not architecturally as beautiful as many of the other buildings in London. But if you watched the wedding of Kate and William, it was interesting to see where the cars went to the Palace after the wedding and the balcony where they had their first married kiss.

Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings were stunning as well.


the meaklims said...

Fabulous shots Paige. Don't forget to do lots of shopping. Next, Monsoon, M&S, etc! :)

Oh, and I know the feeling of slow internet in the UK!


Monica said...

London through your lens looks beautiful! I especially love the photo of the Thames with the London Eye. The light and the clouds are stunning.

Ellie said...

I'm so enjoying seeing these photos - they are beautiful!!! I think I would like a nice print of that first one (thankyouverymuch:) I love the clouds and colors . . . It is so fun that you got to visit the location of the royal wedding so soon after it took place! awesome!

xo ellie