Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Review: {The Postmistress}


I loved this book!

There are a few ways that I rate a book as excellent.

1. I don't want to put it down, I want the book to go on and on and on, and I think about the story even when I am not reading it.

2. It is beautifully written. In such a way, that I am completely awed that an author could write so beautifully.

3. That I learn from the story. It may be fictional, but a lot of fiction is based on fact.

This book is written by Sarah Blake and the story is based in Cape Cod during World War II. It is based around three main characters. The Postmistress, who is new to town and her job, who is the one who "sees" everything first and who knows that if she messes up one letter, it can change someones fate in an instant. Emma, the young doctors wife, who is also new to town and just trying to find her place in this world and deal with her husbands leaving her to work and help in London during the war. And Frankie, the radio broadcaster, living in London, reporting on the war and the stories that she finds around her, the stories that almost destroy her.

This book is about choices and how one simple choice made by one person can change everything.


Tina Michelle said...

Wow, the book sounds very interesting. Another to add to my way too long library waitlist! Thanks for the review! I hope you enjoyed your summer and are falling nicely into your autumn schedule.

teresa said...

I read this book earlier this year and loved it as well. I heartily agree with your criteria and feel the same way about how some authors can just write so beautifully. I felt the same way about the Help and the Midwife's Confession - couldn't put either of them down!

the meaklims said...

Just from reading your review, I really want to read this book!