Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh, the things they say!


Micah: When Grandma was ten, did she know what a bathtub was?

Micah: I wish I could get chickenpox so I could have a milkshake with a bendy straw and a new video game.


Micah: I wonder what a bee's tongue looks like?

Micah: What is sex? Is that when you dance?



Lilah: Where do you go when you die?
Me: To Heaven. But you have to love Jesus and ask him to live in your heart. (Look of confusion on Lilah's face!)
Lilah: How?
Me: You pray a special prayer and ask if he will live in your heart.
Lilah: Well... I will if you want me to.
Me: Lilah, you don't do it because I want you to, you do it because you want to do it.
Lilah: (shrug) Okay. (and walks away).

Lilah: We should adopt another kid.
Me: Why?
Lilah: I LOVE staying in hotels!


Lilah: When you die, do you do this? (She puffs up her cheeks and holds her breath)


Me: (to Zoe who is laying on the floor) Are you bored?
Zoe: No. I am Zoe.


Me: My tummy hurts.
Zoe: Then I should drive the car. Lilah and I will sit in the front seat and you and Abby can sit in the backseat.



the meaklims said...

Ah hahaha!

Love that Lilah wants to adopt again just so she can stay in a hotel!! ;)


Marie said...

Love it! Oh the precious things kids say!

Marie said...

PS: I would love to hear the answer you gave Micah...;)

Paige said...

Marie... that conversation with Micah was much longer, but I couldn't really post it! I told him to talk to his dad!

The Drinkwaters said...

Gotta love those questions! I love what a problem solver Zoe is, did she end up driving you home? ;)

arnie&bekah said...

so cute!!!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh, too cute!

Nikki - blog design to change the world

Monica said...

Ha ha! Needed that today! Thanks for sharing :)

Beth said...

OH my! I only have two and it's enough for a book so I can just imagine you've got a few volumes you could publish. Ava often asks a lot of death questions - it totally freaks Helena out but there's obviously a whole different perspective at the different ages. I pawn A off on daddy for a lot of the God questions. She always says 'oh I forgot those ones are for daddy'.
Keep yours coming, I love hearing them all:)

Ellie said...

so funny. and time to have that little talk with Micah huh? :)

xo ellie

Patrick and Christina said...

Hahahaha! That just made my day! All of it!
...I hope the talk with Micah went well.