Thursday, September 15, 2011



Today Zoe started a preschool speech therapy group called Pickles.


Speech Therapy has been a bit frustrating for me so far. They have given some good tips, but at the same time the community Speech Therapists don't seem to know quite how to deal with a cleft lip/palate child. Especially, when it comes to finding ways to fix the amount of air that is released when Zoe talks.


We will see how it goes with this community health centre and if I feel it isn't working we will have to head back to the University Hospital to see the Speech Therapist in the Cleft Lip/Palate clinic.


We have been focusing on fixing one sound at a time and encouraging her to speak clearly so that we can understand her. After four years of talking the way she talks, it doesn't occur to her to even try to speak clearly and she automatically speaks in sentences where she leaves off many different sounds in each word, so it can be a guessing game as to what she is trying to say.


I didn't really know if this technique was sinking in, but the other day she actually heard one of the sounds we work on (ffffff) and corrected herself!



The Denis Family said...

We are in the same boat...not sure what good our therapy is doing as well. I also wonder when Miah will start self correcting...she talks so fast and although I know she can make some of the letter sounds, it slows her down so she doesn't try...we have beein wokring on "S" sounds now for about 9 months...sigh

the meaklims said...

Hope it gets less frustrating, it sounds like you have a good plan in place if this person doesn;t work out...

What sweet little legs and skirt! She is too adorable!


Marie said...

Love the group name! I wish I could be of some help. All I can say is keep at it. Malia has always been very good about being asked to pronounce her words clearly and correctly, which still amazes me! She still needs reminders to slow down and the "th" sound is often "f", which she can clearly say, but it takes more effort and therefore she tends to slip back to what is easiest. We often make jokes about what she says...teasing her about who she "fought" (thought) today, etc. It takes the pressure off... at least a bit.

On a different note...that chair is one sweet chair! Love it!

Ellie said...

We are in the same (okay slightly different) boat - Elijah (and I never realized before how much the name Elijah looks like the name Lilah . . .) hasn't been improving over the past year at all (and serious ADD going on here lol :)

anyway I will be praying for your situation with Zoe's speech - and I know you will see progress - and seek out more help if you need to.

I just spent a while catching up on your blog - I love your photos! The girls looked so cute in the back to school photos - I love those! and their favorites list is such a great idea! The photo of your hubby on his bike is smokin' cool! LOVE IT! and your hometown - great great photos. I need to stop by more often!

xo ellie

Patrick and Christina said...

LOVE those pictures. What a sweetheart and love those little legs in the skirt! Great demi-pointe on that girl!

We are in the same boat... or SLP from our cleft clinic was great but had poor availability and are now on medical leave!

It is great that Zoe self corrected! (even just once) I am sure she will do it again. Pickles sounds that a very good plan. Hope it works out!

We have been singing in different tones to help bring awareness to tone. No SLP told me to do that, but it seems to be helping. Just a silly game of singing any statement in high, medium, or low tones/registers (and I am a terrible singer!). Now Su Yee can at least sing/say back to me in medium and low tones, along with the high nasal tone (her low tone is hilarious as she also does this funny chin tuck!). She can now correct me when I say things too low or too high :). It has brought awareness to tone, but has not fixed talking too fast or skipping consonants. Just a thought...

The Drinkwaters said...

How wonderful that she self corrected! I hope this will continue to grow over time. I get so excited when we were a clear word from Mary, only to have her say it incorrectly/garbled the next time she uses it. I am hoping it will soon start to sink in and take hold, but am praying for more patience.

Monica said...

Ah, the self-correction - that's a milestone! We are still making very slow progress with Ren's speech (he's in an early ed program four days a week for this reason) but there has indeed been progress (as of this spring, he can actually make the "f" face and sound whereas he couldn't configure his mouth properly) so I'm hopeful it'll all fall into place eventually. Keep up the good work, Paige. One thing I'm learning is that even with all the tips, modelling and help he is getting, HE is still the one in charge of his progress. Sigh. I wish it were me but that's just my control-freak side of me speaking!

Krista said...

I noticed once my DD turned 5, her progress with speech really improved. I think once she was really able to understand what the therapist was asking her to do and then remembering to do it consistently, we heard so much improvement in her intelligibility. It sounds like you have a good handle on things - just keep plugging along!