Friday, November 25, 2011

The love of a Surgeon


This is my favourite photo from Tim's trip to China.

Faith and knowledge lean largely upon each other in the practice of medicine. ~Peter Mere Latham

Tim isn't in this photo, but I love the compassion and care that is shown here by the surgeon and the nurse to this severely burnt baby.

Picnik collage 2

Never did I think that I would marry a surgeon. It hasn't always been easy and it has been a long road to get to this point in our lives... but I am thankful everyday that I am married to such a skilled man.


We all have purpose in life and I knew very early in our marriage that Tim would go far. I knew that someday he would serve in this way. I knew in Medical School that he would end up doing Plastic Surgery. I knew in residency that he would end up doing burns. I knew that he would do mission work.

Picnik collage

You can see that this team has a lot of fun together. Playing with the silly Chinese OR hats.


Surgeons must be very careful
When they take the knife!
Underneath their fine incisions
Stirs the Culprit - Life!
~Emily Dickinson

Even though they see such horrific things on these trips, the people are simply grateful... and I think that makes it all worth while.



Marie said...

You must be so proud of Tim...and Tim I am so very grateful for your willingness to serve in this manner. I adore the first picture. It accurately portrays the role of medical professionals. It brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart sing!

arnie&bekah said...

I love that first picture! So beautiful! I also love that Tim goes on these medical missions trip and to the place his daughters are from, one day they will look back on this and feel so loved. Their Dad loves their country and the people who live there! SO great!

The Drinkwaters said...

I think is is wonderful that Tim serves others in this way. I also love that Patrick is in the pictures too!

Beth said...

So great that he knew what his gifts were and followed his calling. Truly a blessing. Loved all the photos. Have to tell you that tonight Helena posted a quote on FB and I had no idea where she might have found it - then I saw your blog. She follows quite faithfully and lo and behold, she borrowed the Emily Dickinson quote- shows how influential you are:)

Jednet said...

Tim is serving, but so are you by holding down the home-front. You are not holding the scalpel, but you are holding the hand that wields it.


the meaklims said...

What he does, it is such a gift from the Lord. He is using his gift so wisely too. I have so much respect for him helping those in need.

You have every right to be proud of him.


Patrick and Christina said...

Thank you Paige for posting those pictures.