Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Photos






It's a lot of photos of a lot of kids… I wonder if other mother's yell at their kids "Just smile and we can be done!"









As I was preparing my kitchen area to do a newborn photo shoot this weekend, I decided my own kids would be good practice. I wanted to try Christmas lights as a back drop and it took a few tries to get it the way I liked it. But I love taking more formal photos of my kids a couple of times a year, especially at Christmas.

We are headed into a crazy couple of weeks and I will be glad when it is over and we can settle down, head to the desert with our family and just ENJOY the season.

I am joining in on Sunday Snapshot.


Dianne said...

Yes, I too have used the phrase, just smile and we can be done. You are not alone! :)

Clearly it worked wonderfully for you, because your kids' photos look beautiful!

(It's "Jody's" Dianne here. :)

Patrick and Christina said...

Used that line on my family too!
Beautiful children, beautiful photo's!
Love the perfect. The photo of the two girls sitting together - priceless!

the meaklims said...

These are incredible Paige! Love the bokeh and lighting! your children are all stunning, I don;t think they ever take a bad picture.

I must say, I can't tell Lilah to smile at all at the moment, truly, it is not pretty!!!! I'll have to start the bribery again, I think!! ;)


The Cantelmo Family said...

These are beautiful pictures of your kids! :)

Danae said...

Such a beautiful family.
I wish just saying "one more" would work with my kiddos but I have to bring the big guns...candy bribes!

Dixie-Lee said...

Beautiful pictures, Paige, of beautiful children.

Monica said...

Yep, we all say that! Gorgeous photos, Paige...of course it doesn't hurt that your kids are so beautiful (and handsome)!

Marie said...

I've said those same words! However, your photos always look so good, I would have made the assumption all your kids smile on cue!

Love the background for the photos...soft and Christmasy!

Monica said...

Absolutely beautiful - every single photo!! The colour and sharpness is just perfect. And I love the soft bokeh. You really have your hands full of family Christmas photos, don't you?!