Friday, December 9, 2011

The Mischievous One


Zoe is a cutie and always makes us laugh… but the girl is wearing me down!

I understand her need for wanting certain things… like picking her own clothes (usually a summer dress with no tights and summer shoes)… or asking for a snack, being told to wait a minute and throwing a tantrum on the floor… just being told to wait and her saying "I wait too long!"… or her trying to do her own hair (which involves many small elastics and bows over top of her ears)… but the big one right now is us saying NO to something and her laughing and doing it again. Her sneaking into any one's Lypsol or lip gloss, because it is very important for her to look and feel pretty and girly.


It is all pretty typical toddler stuff and she is testing her boundaries. The good thing about Zoe is she accepts discipline well. She goes to her time out spot willingly and after a few minutes is ready to apologize. And she always knows exactly what she did wrong. And she forgives easily.

Zoe will climb up on our laps and cuddle. She will walk by me and kiss my hand or arm. She will blow kisses if she is across the room. She loves to play with my hair.


Her newest thing, is that she will ask for something (like polishing her nails) and when I say no, she says "But I NEVER tried it before!"

Through all of her mischievous and trying ways… she will suddenly look up at you with a grin and sparkly eyes and we melt all over again.



Marie said...

Oh my! You must have your hands full! I can see Raina being the same in a few years. She has a fit if she has too wait too long for food...and then eats mountains of anything she can get her hands on. Her latest if going to the pantry and grabbing the cheerioes.

Danae said...

Oh how I hear you on the tantrums.
And those sparkly eyes……how could you not melt?! They are beautiful.

Denise said...

Those are beautiful photos of her! She does have a sparkly personality - I love that line "But I NEVER tried it before!" Hilarious.

the meaklims said...

Those eyes would melt the artic. She is so so beautiful. AND SO smart!!


The Drinkwaters said...

Isn't melting wonderful?!

Monica said...

Ahh, it's such a good thing that children are so darn cute! She is such a little cutie-pie.

Anonymous said...

When I say no to something, I get the phrase, 'But I want it mom (lots of whinny tone on the 'want'). Does he think I'm suddenly going to give in? Oh, you WANT it. How silly of me to say no, but now that I know you want it I'll let you have/do/break it right away.