Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back on Skates


After a bit of pressure… Abby was convinced to get back onto skates after years of refusing to try it again.


This is what happened the last time she skated…


But when you have a boyfriend who loves to skate… I guess you have to be willing to try.


They were really cute…



They actually did a couple of laps around the lake… and she said she would go out again.




Dixie-Lee said...

Good for you Abby. They really are a nice looking couple :)

the meaklims said...

Aww, young love. There is something beautiful about it.

Good for you Abby! Skating and a handsome boyfriend! :)

Patrick and Christina said...

Good for Abby for giving it another try!

Skating is a great way to spend an afternoon with such a cute motivator!

Jireh-Shaddai said...

OOh, love this photos!! Abby is so beautiful, Im really glad for them and for the coming of Silah!! your family teachs so much to me, really. Cant wait to see happy with us :) blessings from the Heaven and greetings from Spain

Danae said...

Awww, the things we do for love!:)

Marie said...

Way to go Abby! I love it that she is wearing mens skates...and how her ankles tilt in slightly...too cute!