Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out of Africa



Yesterday, we headed north to Camp Verde to Out of Africa Safari Park. I would highly recommend this park to everyone. The shows were wonderful and the animals were very active compared to those you see in zoos.



We started out the day in the "bus" where we drove through an area where we could feed the giraffe and camel. We also saw the zebras and other animals up close! Tim even got a on the mouth kiss from the giraffe with its very long and wet tongue!



We found some lions at the back of their cage and the male wasn't too impressed that we were disturbing them! He was too lazy to get up, but he roared at us and bared his big teeth.




The tiger splash show was the best... can you imagine having a job of playing with tigers (and hyena's) all day! It was like a big kitten.

The hyena's loved playing with Abby through the fence.




Beth said...

Those pics are awesome Paige. Ava loves giraffes - I'll have to show her that one. I grew up close to a place with a place called African Lion Safari where you could ride through the park in your car. Monkeys would jump on the car and we sometimes took bananas to feed them!! I think these days you're only allowed on the 'buses'. I'm sure your kids loved it all - Ava would have been out of her skin to be that close to a giraffe - they are her faves!

Monica said...

What a neat experience! Your photos of the giraffe are stunning!

the meaklims said...

The giraffe's head in the bus is too cool!


Ellie said...

You've had an exciting holiday!! I love all your photos! I just caught up on your posts - I love your adorable little princesses at Disney!!!!

I'm so excited for your family to be be bringing another sweet China baby home - he is GORGEOUS! I got all choked up reading your post. I cannot wait to hear Silas' whole story!

xo Ellie