Monday, March 5, 2012

Medical Updates


Today, Zoe saw her plastic surgeon and the cleft lip/palate dentist. The plastic surgeon said that we could do a minor nose revision anytime, it would be a quick and easy day surgery. I am undecided on this right now...

The dentist said he doesn't need to see her until she is seven. They will start dental work at that time and then a couple of years after that they will look at doing the bone graft in her gums. She has a severe overbite and a very narrow mouth, so it is likely she will have a lot of teeth pulled.

But I am thankful that I don't have to worry about her for the next few years, other than her weekly speech therapy sessions, which are now going amazingly well. We switched to the therapist at the University Hospital and it has made a huge difference. Zoe is very willing to self correct, we just need to encourage her to speak clearly and slowly.

When we showed up at the hospital, there was a very large puppy in the waiting room. One of the surgeons recently performed a cleft palate surgery on the dog, so they brought him by to see the kids.


Lilah also saw three different plastic surgeons today. We were expecting that Lilah would need surgery this spring to put some bone into the cleft in her face, but after seeing how big of an improvement she had with her eye surgery last year, he has decided that it isn't needed right now and we can look at it again when she is a teenager and has finished growing.

This is great news, as it is a big surgery and I wasn't sure how it would all work with Silas coming home.


With the next surgeon, we talked about taking her ear cartilage to fix her right nostril, but that cartilage still isn't quite firm enough and he wants to wait a couple of more years to get the best results. This may take a couple of tries to get right.


With the third surgeon, we discussed fat injections. He thinks it would improve her appearance to inject some fat into her cheek below her eye, so it looks more level with the left side of her face. This is a short and simple day surgery and she is at the age that it is best to do it, so I expect that will be fairly soon.

So, all in all, it was great news. With Silas coming home and us expecting many doctor appointments with him in the first while, it will be good for the girls to have a bit of a break!


Canada to China and back! said...

Great news, Paige! So happy to hear you won't be headed for any serious surgery in the near future.


Beth said...

Awesome news for everyone! Those pics of the girls are terrific - I especially love the snow ones with Lilah.

Marie said...

God certainly knows what He is doing! So happy about all the good news! I know the idea of surgery can be a bit overwhelming.
I'm also glad you found a speech therapist that is more effective. Zoe reminds me of Malia. Malia is always willing to correct her speech...I can not imagine trying to improve a child's speech who is not willing to self correct. Excited for you!

Monica said...

Good news indeed!Thanks for sharing these updates; I often wonder about their health and surgery schedules.

Christine and Todd said...

What good news! Sounds like you have been very busy with dr appts!

The Hull Munchkins said...

Thanks for sharing about the girls medical stuff. They are gorgeous! I love the pictures you take.. what kind of camera do you use? Also, do you use photoshop/Light room? just curious.

We hope to adopt a little boy with bilateral CL/CP, and are always curious to see how things happen once they are in the US.

Paige said...

Hi there!

I use a Nikon D90, which I love, but it took a long time for me to figure it all out and I am sure that I don't even use it close to what it is capable of! I had to fiddle with it for a long time and practice a lot to get the manual settings the way I liked them.

I have numerous lenses, but my favourite is my 50mm. I always try to shoot in the best natural light possible.

I use Lightroom (with many purchased presets) and then tweak and sharpen my images in iPhoto.

the meaklims said...

Oh that is fabulous news Paige! I agree with the surgeon, Lilah is looking wonderful since her surgery. What a beautiful girl.

Love the pictures of your littles! They are going to love having a little brother!