Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, the things they say!


Micah: Mom? Can we get a dog?
Me: Dad says no.
Micah: Well, you should ask your mom. Call Grandma.


Eli: Mom? You know Grandpa Riegel? You know how he sells drugs?
(just let me make a note here that Grandpa Riegel is a Pharmacist)

I don't even remember the rest of the conversation! I was laughing too hard...


Eli: Mom... can I drive the car sometime... like... just off of the driveway.
Me: Sure. When you get your license.
Eli: It's really easy though. I had a dream I did it.


Zoe: I cleaned up my pyjamas... check!
I brushed my teeth... check!
I got dressed... check!
I pooped.... check!



Beth said...

Too funny! I like the dream one and especially Zoe's checklist with the poop! I don't think you realize how important poop is until you're a mom - you spend a lot of time on it in many many ways:)

Christine and Todd said...

Thanks for the laughs!! And as always - Love the pictures!!

Danae said...

Awww come on, let him drive the car. He had a dream that it's really easy so it's gotta be easy!
Goodness, the picture of Eli and Zoe is really precious. Their eyes are beautiful.

Denise said...

Love it! It's so good to write these down - we forget them all too quickly.

Marie said...

Funny! Love Eli's "drug" comment! Oh, and you really should let him drive...ha, ha...not serious at all! It could be hilarious...and dangerous. I must admit that I allowed Alex to drive our Tahoe back onto the concrete drive after clearing it. Martin was NOT impressed...I wasn't worried as I was sitting right beside him, ready to brake and he didn't even use the gas...I think we will stick to the quad from now on...:)

Patrick and Christina said...

Oh I love Zoe's checklist! And Eli's take on his grandfather selling drugs...priceless. Great Pictures - especial the one of Eli and Zoe

the meaklims said...

Paige! I am dying laughing here! All of them, so funny. That Zoe one though, gosh she's a funny monkey! Adore her dress too!