Monday, March 26, 2012

Road Trip


We left at 8am on Saturday morning. We have driven through Alberta, Montanna, Idaho and Utah.


By 8:39 we heard our first "are we there yet?"


Ten hours later we were.


At the US border, Zoe asked "Is this China?"

*sorry Abby -- she will hate this photo!

Actually, our kids travel very well. You might ask "How do you fit all those kids into your car?". We recently ordered a additional seat from Little Passenger Seats. Our Suburban now seats 11! I laugh every time I say this! We have one extra kid this trip... as we brought Abby's friend Sydney along.


We spent our first night in Helena, Montana. And after 8 more hours the next day, we reached Park City, Utah, where Tim and the kids will be skiing for a few days, and the rest of us will relax and explore. The little girls will be doing a ski camp tomorrow.

All of these photos were taken with my small, cheap camera and are completely unedited, as all of my photos will be this trip, due to a broken laptop!


Jessica said...

I am glad you are having a great spring break. I was wondering what kind of vehicle you drove, to fit everyone in...soon one more passenger:) Have a great vacay with your family!!

the meaklims said...

10 HOURS - are u crazy! Wow, I am so not a traveller! car anyway!

And your small cheap camera is doing a pretty fine job! Enjoy your break, from editing and such like! :) Love the look of that hottub! Enjoy!


Patrick and Christina said...

Even with the cheap camera/no edits you take great pictures!

Love the shot of the back seat...11 really? Looks like a great road trip!

Sharla said...

I've never heard of that extra seat thing. Can they do it for any vehicle? So funny that I am coveting your ability to fit 11 in your vehicle!!!

Hope you have a great trip!!!

Marie said...

No edits still equals great have great talent! I love the idea of adding an extra much better than going with a huge van...although I always say I would do that...grudgingly...if that is what I needed to fit my kids! Have a great vacation!

Monica said...

Oh you are such a brave mama! That is hilarious - but great! - how many people you can now fit in your suburban. I had to laugh that you actually brought an extra person along as well (Abby's friend).

Enjoy your vacation!

Danae said...

Wow, you are one serious road tripper! That is a heck of a trip. Enjoy, drive safe and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!