Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ski School


The little girls LOVED ski school.


The first day they ran into the condo yelling "Can we go back tomorrow? Please! Please! Please!"



So we sent them back the next day.

When I showed up at the hill to pick them up, Lilah had gone up on the chair lift with her instructor for her first run down the hill.

Zoe loved to go down the hill FAST. But didn't want to figure out how to stop. The girl is fearless.

*Abby and her friend Sydney, who has joined us on our trip.


Everyone else who skied had a great time, although the snow was very wet and heavy.



We only had a few incidences. Eli ended up with four stitches in his knee, after hitting a rock. Luckily, Daddy brought some sutures along.


Abby ended her last run by catching her ski and going over the edge of the mountain, dropping about ten feet and twisting her knee. But she was more scared then anything.


Today, we drive seven more hours to Henderson, Nevada.


Marie said...

Love the video of Lilah! She is so adorable and serious. By the way...she has the most incredible big, and beautifully brown and filled with so much wisdom!

Patrick and Christina said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time! Poor Abby...falling over the edge and twisting a knee - Ouch! (This is exactly why I no longer ski!) Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Love the video of Lilah! It is awesome that the girls love to ski too.

You would make a poster family for Canada's new participaction campaigns! ;)

the meaklims said...

Goodness Paige, those are quite the casualties you have on hand, Abby must have been scared out of her mind... poor girl.

Have to admit, i adore that little Lilah voice! :) She certainly knows what the pizza is for! :) Zoe? ...maybe not so much!! Haha!

Take care.