Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had asked the orphanage director some questions about Silas, but never got any response. We asked our agency to inquire once again and finally got some answers...

Here are the answers to your questions:
孩子没有参加半天边基金会资助的寄养项目。The child is not in the program of Half Sky.

2、 孩子所在的寄养家庭,是否还有别的孩子居住。
孩子所在的寄养家庭没有别的孩子居住。There is no other children in the foster home.

3. 孩子的脊柱问题是否影响其大小便,孩子现在方便后,能否自己清理?
孩子的脊柱问题有一定影响,孩子现在方便后还不能自己清理。His spine problem affect him some degree.

4. 孩子的脊柱问题对其运动能力有无影响?
孩子的脊柱问题对其运动能力暂时没有影响. His spine problem does not affect his physical movement.

5. 请提供孩子现在的6项指标。
身高:102cm;体重:16kg;头围:51cm;胸围:52cm;齿数:20颗;His height: 102 cm, weight 16 kg, head circumference: 51 cm, chest circumference 52 cm, tooth 20. Foot: 16 cm.

6. 孩子现在是否上学了?
孩子现在在上幼儿园, The child goes to kindergarten , it may call preschool here.

We have also asked if we can meet the foster parents. CCCWA has made a new rule that we are not suppose to meet the foster parents, but really it is the decision of the orphanage director. We won't know until we get there if we can meet them or not. I hope I will be able to meet them. I have missed so much of Silas' life already, that I would love to get a feel for who they are and bombard them with a thousand questions!

This is the director of the Changsha Social Welfare Institute.

And this is the SWI that oversees Silas' care. He lived here very briefly.

I just want to go now. I hate this waiting stuff. But it will be here before I know it... patience is a virtue right?

I have sent in our applications for our visas. Travelling with me will be my mom and Micah. It is so hard to leave Tim at home. He is so much better at travelling then me. I guess this will be one of those growth experiences. My mom is very excited and I am excited that she will get to see where three of her grandchildren are from and that she will get to experience our Gotcha Day and the days that follow. Micah is coming along to play with Silas and hopefully help ease some of his pain and fear.

24 more days!


Jessica said...

Praying 4 u Paige...it sounds like Silas is doing well,u will be leaving soon...the wait is hard :( r u back from holidays?

Paige said...

Jessica... I am back from holidays. Now it is really time to get things done!

Monica said...

Thinking of you during the wait. It is so excruciating:( But soon you will have many more answers as you lay eyes and hands on Silas and get to know the little person that is your son. I am so excited for you to make this trip (and blog about it!)...and a little jealous.

Marie said...

The waiting is always the worst. I like the idea that you get to take your Mom and Micah, even though I know doing it without Tim will be likely be difficult...although I think you are probably better at the whole travelling thing, etc than you realize and from what I "see" you are strong. I think if we ever go back I would go by myself...possibly with one of the boys...here's to wishful thinking! :)

the meaklims said...

Welcome back from holidays!
Good to hear you got some answers. Your Mum must be ecstatic!!! That is so awesome... I know my Mum would love to come with us to China too, maybe sometime when we go back to visit.

I'm praying for you, and this terrible ewaiting period - really hope you get to visit with the foster parents. We've only been waiting one month and I already feel like I'm going crazy! We got an update on Phebe yesterday and now I'm waiting for more pictures. Oh my goodness, I'm THAT crazy person!


The Drinkwaters said...

I hope these next 24 days go by very, very quickly!

I am so glad you will have your mom there to support and care for you as you welcome Silas into your family. Is Micah an adventurous eater?

Denise said...

I'm glad you finally got some answers. Life will be very different for him going from being an only child to one of 7! I'm sure he will love it. Looking forward to this weekend as a time to regroup and prepare for what lies ahead :)

Danae said...

It seems like the last few weeks and days before travel are the longest. Hang in there, you're almost there.
So happy that your mom is going to be able to travel with you. My dad went with us last summer and he says it was one of the most meaningful experiences he's ever experienced. I'm sure it will mean the world to your mom to witness her daughter meeting her son for the very first time.

Patrick and Christina said...

Certainly thinking of you and praying for your trip and for bonding with Silas...the waiting is certainly the worst!

It will be special to have your Mom and Micah help you welcome Silas into the family. I bet they are very excited about the trip. Wishing that you get all the information you need from the foster family and that you get to visit with them!