Friday, April 27, 2012


"Today I am four,
 tomorrow I am five,
 and I will be big
 and tall 
and glowing!"
 -- Zoe said this yesterday






Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!   You fill our lives with joy and laughter!


Danae said...

Glowing indeed! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

Danae said...
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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! She really does her self confidence!

the meaklims said...

Aww, happy 5th birthday Zoe. You sure are tall and glowing!!

Jill xx

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy 5th Birthday Miss Zoe!

How sweet! Most certainly Taller... and Glowing with Joie de Vivre!

Monica said...

Happy birthday to Zoe!!!

I love Zoe's quote and I love that dress!! It is sooooo beautiful on her. Is that an etsy find?

The Drinkwaters said...

Definitely glowing! Happy 5th Birthday sweet Zoe!

Monica said...

Happy happy birthday, sweet Zoe! Five suits you so well :)