Monday, May 28, 2012

Answers to Prayer


So far, this adoption has been our easiest adoption.

Silas is doing so well, so much better than we ever expected.   My greatest fear was the fact that he had been in foster care for over three years and this time around, this has been the greatest blessing.

We believe his foster family prepared him very very well for this adjustment, which is something I prayed for every single night.   I did not want to go through another experience like we did with Lilah… we are still struggling with her and her issues.   He knew exactly who we were, who each person was in our family and what was going on and it was very positive for him.

I do the positive side of foster care through this experience.   Silas knows what family is, what each persons roll is and who to go to for what.

We do see little moments of fear and anxiety and sadness, but they are few and we do believe he is mourning in a healthy way.

We are thankful that no one got sick on our trip (Micah had a couple of hours where he wasn't well, but recovered very quickly) and that we felt God's hand on us at all times.   I am thankful that I was able to handle this trip without Tim by my side, it was a growing experience for me.   I knew I could do it and would be fine… but would prefer not to have done it alone!

I do think that Silas may not have bonded with me so well, had Tim been there.   He loves his Baba and I may have been pushed aside from the start, but with me as his only choice, we now have a mother and son bond that is growing daily.

Zoe did well while I was gone.   No issues other than some tears at Sunday School one day, luckily I have a great and understanding friend who is the teacher, who sat and comforted her.  Thanks Shawna!


Silas really is just a sweet little boy.   He is happy, full of joy, goofy and just very very sweet!

We see how he just wants to fit into our family.   He is copying english and saying english words on his own already.   He doesn't want to put his spicy sauce on all his food, he just wants to be like the rest of the kids.   He cleans up his toys when he is done, he puts his dishes in the dishwasher, he gets dressed in the morning right after breakfast… he watches and learns and does.   He loves to be outside with his brothers and while they ride their bikes over ramps and rails, he does the same on the tricycle.


1 John 5:14
This is the confidence we have in approaching God; that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.


arnie&bekah said...

It was so great to see your family this weekend. He is such a happy boy, it seems he has been in your family for years already!!

teresa said...

It is hard to read your posts without tears - albeit happy tears! What a blessing these kids are to your family and you are such a blessing to them! So happy to see Silas loving his new family.

Marie said...

You have me in tears...not because I am sad, but because today I needed the reminder of how God is always there for us. I clearly remember God's tangible hand on us both times we were in China. It is a beautiful thing!
So thankful Silas is adjusting well!

Denise said...

I love reading such happy words! And the verse at the bottom is perfect as I know you prayed constantly for this. What a blessing his foster parents are - to have prepared him so well! I hope someday you are able to convey to them the blessing of what they did for him - and indeed for your whole family!

Jessica said...

so glad silas is doing so well. Saw sharon today at cl/cp clinic and she said what a wonderful boy Silas is.

The Drinkwaters said...

How wonderful! So happy to hear how well he is doing and to see the all the smiling pictures of him.

Patrick and Christina said...

What a sweetheart! It makes my heart glad to hear that he is adjusting so well and what a blessing that he was so well prepared to be in your family. that verse!

Danae said...

I know I sound like a broken record with all the "I'm so happy comments" that I've been posting but I am just so happy that things are going so smoothly!

God had has hand on Silas and his foster family....what a blessing they were to him.

the meaklims said...

He makes me smile from ear to ear just seeing his pictures... I can only imagine how you feel with him in your arms.

Thank God for answered prayers.