Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th Official Adoption Day

Today, was Silas' official adoption day.   

He is doing really well and is very happy and active.   He doesn't like to sit at restaurants and will get up and run around.   He loves spicy food!   Today, we went to a back alley restaurant with our guide for lunch and it was amazing food.   Silas ate the hot red peppers and everything.

He does show a bit of a temper and has quite the pout, but recovers quickly.   He needs to have time alone when upset, which we were warned about.  

He LOVES Micah and they are getting along great.   Micah has been such a huge help.   

It is raining heavily here which makes it difficult to get out and see things.   According to our guide, there isn't much to see around our Hotel anyway.   The pool is closed in the Hotel too.   But we are on an adoption floor and there is a play room.   It is fun to see all the other families from around the world with their new children.

Silas is a great sleeper.  He is used to one nap a day, but I cut that out yesterday and he was asleep by 7pm.   He slept 13 hours straight.

He is recovering from Chicken Pox right now and has a lot of spots.

All is going well!








Tim Riegel said...

Sorry this one was late, the post didn't come through and they went to bed early yesterday so we didn't get to talk to them this tonight. They are doing a tour in the pouring rain today. Hopefully they have time to talk at the end of their day...tomorrow morning.

Danae said...

So glad things are going well! What a sweet little sleeper:)

Jessica said...

so glad to hear how things are going.cont. prayers,thinking of you often

Marie said...

A good sleeper is always a huge blessing...at least to those of us who LOVE to sleep! Glad to hear that things are going so well. The pictures of Micah and Silas are sweet. Some serious bonding happening there!

Beth said...

Awesome pics. I love the one of him sleeping. Another child makes so much difference in the transition I think. Those laundry pics brought back so many memories! Glad things are going so well for all of you. Continued prayers for a wonderful trip Paige:)

Denise said...

So glad to hear he is doing well! Hopefully the rain clears up soon so you can enjoy your outings. LOVE the picture of him and Micah - so sweet!! He must think it is great to have a big brother - wait until he gets home and meets all his new siblings!!

Patrick and Christina said...

So happy to see and hear that Silas is doing well! It just fills me full of a hopeful joy to see him and Micah interacting in such a positive way. Such sweet pictures!

We continue to lift you up in prayer daily!

the meaklims said...

Awww, Silas really does look happy! I think these two brothers are going to be wonderful friends!

Sorry to hear about the Chicken Pox, I hope he's not too itchy.

Praying for you all.

Sharla said...

It sounds like overall, things are going really well, or as well as can possibly be expected anyway. The pictures are lovely and I'm so glad Micah is there with you. Silas is sure a cutie!

Carla said...

So fun to meet families that already have their little treasures in their arms! We have a son named Silas too! We're in the process of adopting from China too. What a handsome boy, totally worthy of his super cool name ;)