Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Settling In


So we are once again settling into a new life.   This time it seems to be going pretty easy.


I see a big difference between Silas and Zoe's first days with us.   I considered Zoe to be pretty easy too, but with Silas having been in foster care, there is once again a HUGE difference.   He knows what it is to be disciplined, and he responds well and holds no grudges.   He knows what the purpose of a mother and father are... and our roles seem to be very similar to what he was used to... Dad is the fun, playful one, and Mom takes care of things around the house.


He loves exploring and trying new things.   Like the swings, which we are sure he had never been on, since he didn't know that he should keep holding on!


All the kids are getting along really well.   We haven't seen any jealousy (except a bit from Micah).   Not even from Zoe, who I thought would react the most, but she has done great and did great while I was gone.


If anyone is going outside, or on an errand, Silas wants to go along and he yells his first and only english words... "Let's Go!   Let's Go!"


Lilah has kind of slipped back into her old ways while I was gone and I knew I would have to come home and "retrain" her somewhat.   She tries to be the mother to Silas and I have to constantly remind her that that is not her job.   Sometimes it is kind of cute because she is way smaller than him (and tries to catch him coming down the slide or tries to pull him up the slide!), but tends to get on some nerves.


Silas LOVES his big brothers!   He grabs their hands to asks to play with them all day long.   They love it and take turns spending time with him.   My boys have always been really great with the little ones.


Silas has already gone to the skatepark.   Not to skateboard, but to watch.   Everything excites him and he exclaims "WOW!" to all he sees.


He has a healthy fear of things.   He is cautious and careful.    But still all boy.   He jumps and runs all day long.


Silas is a beautiful boy and this entire family has fallen in love with him.

"He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen." -- Duet. 10:21


Monica said...

What a great update, Paige! I'm thrilled for you that things are going so smoothly with Silas. He sounds like such a sweet and fun little fella! I don't underestimate the value of the child knowing how a family works - it makes a huge difference in the transition especially when it comes to discipline. We saw the opposite with Ren and it was a rough time for several months.

I especially love the photos of Silas and Tim. Silas looks positively delighted to have Tim as his father.

Dianne said...

Love, love, love seeing you all together. :)

Tracy said...

Great collage of baba and Silas and love the photos of the kids at the park. I've been too tired and busy to update my blog, but maybe tonite. We are almost back to a regular sleep schedule.

Glad to hear things are going well and everyone is getting along. May God continue to bless your family as you faithfully follow Him!

Marie said...

I love hearing that Silas is adjusting so well...along with his siblings. God is good! Love his enthusiasm!

Jessica said...

What wonderful pics. So happy to hear everyone is settling in well.

Patrick and Christina said...

It is so good to hear that he is adjusting well and everyone is getting along. What a blessing that Silas was so ready for a family. God is definitely good.

Love those pictures!

the meaklims said...

Awwww, great news Paige!! We is most certianly going to be a blessing to everyone. Love that Lilah is caring for him... I think maybe our Lilah is going to play that role with her new sister too! :)

Welcome home and hopefully the jetlag is well and truly behind you!


Danae said...

So happy to hear that things are going so well!
Funny you mention the swings...Mason had no idea what to do with them either and he came close to having a pretty bad accident!

Denise said...

So happy to read this update! I'm so glad that he is settling in well. I know you prayed so much for this! Love the photo of him and Josiah...

The Drinkwaters said...

How wonderful! I love seeing all the pictures of the children playing together.

Monica said...

So glad to finally get a chance to catch up with the goings on with your family. So happy that you are home and everyone is getting to know Silas. What a blessing that Silas understands family life and is having a relatively easy transition. Praying for you all :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog just makes me cry for joy for you, Silas and your entire family ... and also for us!!! I haven't had a chance to update my blog since before we left for China. Still pinch myself and can;t believe we were on the same trip to China. I do really want to catch up, not sure if we are trying to do too much though in the first weeks, as I have health appointments to go to this week, where I have to drag Jensen along with me ....

Love & Blessings.