Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday and Mother's Day - Beijing

Since coming back to Beijing on Friday, Silas has been doing really great.   He holds my hand everywhere we go and wants to be carried a lot.

He is an eating machine.   He loves meat.   And the spicier the better.   One night he ate a whole plate of food so hot, his eyes watered, his nose ran and his face turned red.

On Saturday, we went to the Summer Palace, which was way too busy. 




But beautiful none the less.   








Today, we went to the Cloisonne Factory,


the Jade Market and the Great Wall.   





My camera card decided to break at the Great Wall, so all my photos are from my mom's camera.   I had never been to this part of the Great Wall before, so it was nice to see a different area.

We found out today that the SWI that Silas is from has a Butterfly Hospice that is run by a couple from the UK and the director is someone who is in our group.   They have raised a lot of money for Silas' orphanage, which it pretty cool.

Happy Mother's Day!  


It is exciting to spend this day in China with my new son.   My husband sent me a beautiful boutique of flowers!   Thanks Tim!


I love China, but can hardly wait to get home and see my husband and children, who I miss immensely.


Jessica said...

Happy Mother's Day!wonderful to hear that Silas is doing well.

the meaklims said...

Happy Mothers Day Paige! Your roses are a beautiful colour and it sounds like you are all getting along great! Beautiful pictures.


The Drinkwaters said...

Happy Mother's Day! I am glad you are able to celebrate it with your newest son, and your mom along beside you. How sweet of Tim to send you flowers, they are beautiful! Enjoy your last few days in China, it might be a few years before you get back again :)

Denise said...

Happy Mother's Day! So glad to hear he is opening up to you more... I have been praying for that. Looking forward to you being home as well :)

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy Mother's Day! It is great to hear that Silas is opening up and looking to you for comfort more and answer to prayers. Love the picture of the three of you!

What a beautiful bouquet of roses from Tim! The amazing pictures of the summer palace and the great wall bring back lots good memories.

Safe travels home.

Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day! How special to be able to spend it with Silas in China.

I remember the Summer Palace as being beautiful but WAY to crowded for this country gal. I remember being terrified of losing one of our kids.

The acrobat show never fails to impress. Can't wait to see it again!

Danae said...

I had to laugh at Micah doing the peace sign, did he learn that from Silas?!;-) It's so good to hear that Silas that coming to you and letting you comfort him.