Sunday, June 24, 2012

Calgary Zoo


This weekend I took my five youngest and headed to Calgary to visit my sister and her family.   We went to the zoo to see the new penguin exhibit and the baby tigers.   The tigers were hiding, but the penguins were awfully cute!



It was rather cold and drizzly and we moved through the zoo fairly quickly.   But the cousins always have a great time together, no matter how long it has been since they have seen each other.   They are the best of friends... and Silas fit right in!   There was no fear or anxiety at all with this trip.



Silas is fitting right in with our local wildlife...


Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends. -- Anonymous


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zoe's Surprise


Zoe has a little surprise...


She lost her first tooth.

And swallowed it.


It seems a little early, since she just turned five years old.   But the tooth right next to it is also loose.   This should make the speech therapy even more interesting!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

1 Dad, 7 Kids


One Dad.

With Abby.   Our first born, who came to us when we were 24 years old.   In the middle of Medical School.   Her name means "a father's Joy".   And she is that.


With Josiah.   Born three years later, during residency.   His names means "Jehovah heals" or "Fire of God".   This boy serves God with his whole heart and soul.   He reaches out to people that quite frankly scare me... with no fear.


Then came our Eli.   Born when Tim was chief resident.   Eli's name means "ascended.  lifted high."  Not sure what this means for him!   This boy never ceases to amaze us and is now turning into an amazing young man.


With Micah.   Born after all the school was finally complete.  His name means "Gift from God".   He is that... our child with the most unique look.   He asked the other day why he looks different than the rest of us... I told him he was the only one special enough to inherit his grandfather's eyes!


Then came Lilah.   The start of our roller coaster ride of adoption.   We looked forward to her arrival for so long.   Lilah means "dark haired beauty" and we do think she is beautiful.


Then Zoe.   We decided it would be nice for Lilah to have a sister that looked like her, and would someday understand how she was feeling with looking different and being adopted into our white family.   They are the best of friends.   Zoe's name means "Life".


And finally we have our sweet sweet boy Silas.   We felt done with adoption, but God had other plans and showed me his photo and we pursued his adoption.   It was the best move we have ever made.   We can't imagine life without him!   Silas means "of the forest".


In twenty years of marriage, so much has changed, we have grown so much.   God had such bigger plans for us than we ever could have imagined!   We are blessed beyond belief.

Thursday, June 14, 2012



My sweet son had his appendix out yesterday.

We thought he had the stomach flu, but after another day of no energy and feeling nauseous we started to wonder... by the second morning he couldn't move he was in so much pain.

Tim took him into the hospital and I met them there once I got the other kids off to school.   By 4:30 he was in the OR.   The surgeon said it was gangrenous and very close to bursting.

Josiah will be in the hospital likely until tomorrow, but as of now, he is doing a lot better.

I want to say thank you to all who prayed and commented on my Facebook throughout the day yesterday.   We felt your prayers.

A friend posted this on her blog yesterday and it was exactly what I needed...

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." -- Romans 12:12

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brother and Sisters


My littles are getting along so great that it is somewhat surreal.

My creation

There have been very few fights, not too much whining and a lot of hugs and kisses.

My creation

Just let me say here, that it looked like a mass murder had taken place on our sidewalk yesterday... there were about twenty body outlines up and down the sidewalk... thanks Nancy!

My house is loud, loud, loud!   But it is a joyful kind of loud.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fear and Anxiety


Silas has done really well with all the adjustments he has had to make over the past month.   He is attaching to Tim and I as his parents and to all of the other kids as his siblings.   He understands what the roles are in a family and is comfortable with that.

We have been trying to "cocoon" as much as possible, but with six other kids, that gets a bit tricky at times.   I also think that Silas being four years old, he does want to get out of the house, be with kids, etc.   But we are taking it slowly.

We have seen some fear and anxiety, and who can blame him... his world has completely changed.   In one day he went from one family to another, to a mother who looked weird and talked funny.    Someone he couldn't communicate with -- and still can't!   His diet has changed, his daily schedule has changed, the world looks and sounds like a completely different place.   And yet, he takes it all in stride.   He is happy and full of smiles and joy, except for a few little moments here and there.

Tim and I will lay down with him at bedtime and then once he is asleep, we sneak out of the room.   A few times he has woken up and discovered we weren't there and he panicked.   Those deep, heart wrenching cries, where he gasps for air even after he calms down.

He had an accident one day -- same thing.   Him wondering what our reaction would be and if we would still like him.   We do!


Today, he had his MRI and they had to put him to sleep for it.   As soon as we changed him into the hospital pyjama's he panicked and cried in fear.   Luckily, both Tim and I could be there for that moment and comfort him.   You have to wonder what is going through his mind in these moments... my guess is that he is wondering if we are coming back, if his world is changing again, if he is getting a new family.   The hospital provided us with a Mandarin speaking nurse, who explained everything to him and he woke up content and at peace.


He is learning to trust that we always come back, that we will never send him away or not love him.   But it takes time, especially when he is four.   I am thankful that summer holidays will soon be here.   Everything stops and relaxes and we can spend more time together, without it affecting the older kids too much.  God's timing is always perfect!

* Don't mind my instagram photos... every time I pull out my big camera, he makes the goofy faces and the victory sign!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Dance Recital


Can you just say crazy?!


I am so not a dance mom.


But I did love watching my little girls on that great big stage.


But is was chaos and a five hour long show.


The girls love dressing up.


They love putting on make-up and feeling pretty and grown up.


They love having their hair done.


They both did a great job on stage and got a big applause.


One of them, is definitely a show girl!


Lilah is all seriousness and doing it all right.


Zoe is all goofy and about being the centre of attention.


But wow... their beauty astounds me!



Ni Hao Yall

I am joining in on Sunday Snapshot.

The first photo shows Lilah's personality and her beauty.   She is a very serious and cautious little girl and yet she is the strongest and bravest child I know.

Shot with a Nikon D90 
35mm lens
ISO 250
Edited in Lightroom
Preset:  Jillian (pretty presets)