Sunday, June 17, 2012

1 Dad, 7 Kids


One Dad.

With Abby.   Our first born, who came to us when we were 24 years old.   In the middle of Medical School.   Her name means "a father's Joy".   And she is that.


With Josiah.   Born three years later, during residency.   His names means "Jehovah heals" or "Fire of God".   This boy serves God with his whole heart and soul.   He reaches out to people that quite frankly scare me... with no fear.


Then came our Eli.   Born when Tim was chief resident.   Eli's name means "ascended.  lifted high."  Not sure what this means for him!   This boy never ceases to amaze us and is now turning into an amazing young man.


With Micah.   Born after all the school was finally complete.  His name means "Gift from God".   He is that... our child with the most unique look.   He asked the other day why he looks different than the rest of us... I told him he was the only one special enough to inherit his grandfather's eyes!


Then came Lilah.   The start of our roller coaster ride of adoption.   We looked forward to her arrival for so long.   Lilah means "dark haired beauty" and we do think she is beautiful.


Then Zoe.   We decided it would be nice for Lilah to have a sister that looked like her, and would someday understand how she was feeling with looking different and being adopted into our white family.   They are the best of friends.   Zoe's name means "Life".


And finally we have our sweet sweet boy Silas.   We felt done with adoption, but God had other plans and showed me his photo and we pursued his adoption.   It was the best move we have ever made.   We can't imagine life without him!   Silas means "of the forest".


In twenty years of marriage, so much has changed, we have grown so much.   God had such bigger plans for us than we ever could have imagined!   We are blessed beyond belief.


the meaklims said...

Blessed beyond belief is right! Happy Father's Day Tim!


Monica said...

And what amazing plans they were! Beautiful photos and post, Paige. ...and Happy Father's Day to Tim :)

Marie said...

What a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. Can't wait to meet them. Minerva

Marie said...

Oh,and I can hardly wait to hear the story of when you first saw Silas' pic...although I do understand it may be private. :)

Monica said...

And you are both a blessing to your wonderful children. Happy Father's Day to Tim!

Paige, I love these portraits of Tim with the kids. Good choice to do them with the kids separately! I have a hard enough time with only two kids to get them both looking good in a photo!

The Drinkwaters said...

Happy Father's Day! What a beautiful post for a great Dad!

Patrick and Christina said...

Paige, beautiful post and photo's of all those kids with with Dad!

Happy Father's Day Tim!