Thursday, July 26, 2012

A new connection


While on holidays, I was contacted by a family that had adopted a little girl from Zoe's orphanage in Guang'an, Sichuan, one week before we adopted Zoe.


I remember hearing about this little girl, but never knew where she went or who she was adopted by. Her Dad found us by typing in the orphanage name and our blog came up.


When I asked Zoe if she new a little girl by this name -- her chinese name -- she said yes. I asked her where from and she said "China."


We have since asked her questions and shown her photos, but now she says she doesn't know who she is.


They were so young and it seems that both girls had very similar experiences, both at the orphanage and when joining their forever families. They both have chosen to forget the past and when they were adopted they never looked back.


We will likely never know if they really knew each other at that time or not.


The girls were wearing almost the exact same "gotcha day" outfit. Boy pants and a pink sweater. Both girls were described as "naughty". Both girls were covered in bug bites and had short hair. Both girls had a cleft lip and palate.


This orphanage does not do a lot of adoptions, they did a bunch about 10 years ago and then a couple more in 2010.


But what a blessing it is to have this connection from her past. We hope to meet this family at some point and will definitely be keeping in touch with them over the years.



the meaklims said...

That is so special, it is wonderful to have connections to our girls past.

You Zoe is also beautiful. She is a beauty.

Dianne said...

It is so special to have connections like this. We've been fortunate to know about a few our of our kids' friends too.

Jessica said...

what a wonderful connection. I hope these two will get to meet. where is the family from?

Patrick and Christina said...

What a gift to have even a small connection to her past!

I hope that sometime in the future they meet in a meaningful way.

p.s. You are such a good mom! Just look at your Zoe blossom :)

Denise said...

That's so great, Paige! We are blessed that one of G's good friends was adopted to BC. We hope to keep that connection alive as well. It's so important - maybe not to her now, but someday it probably will be.

She looks so amazing. That tan really suites her!

Marie said...

What a wonderful connection.

Absolutely love the last photo!

Monica said...

Oooh, that first shot is my new favourite photo of yours. It is so soft and beautiful.

What a great connection to have made. Interesting, though, about Zoe's response. It is similar to Ren's. I have a ton of pictures of him with the same two girls - they clearly spent a lot of time together - but from day 1 with him, he has been noncommittal about whether he knows them or not. I think he is like Zoe in that he is now living in the present and has put the past behind him.