Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On to Kona


We have finished our week in Oahu.   We never even left the resort.   We did nothing much but sit in a chair and watch our kids have a blast.


Josiah loves the water.   They all do... but he loves the water sports and had a lot of fun on the boogie board.   The older kids were pretty good at helping the littles on the boogie board as well.



We haven't had a day of bad weather yet.   It has been consistent throughout the week.


Today, we left Oahu and headed to Kona on the Big Island.


It is a totally different feel here... one that we were looking forward to.   With no high rises and no noise... just the sound of the ocean outside our door.   Literally... right outside our door.


This 75 year old cottage is our new home for the week.   It has it's own private beach.   It is basic and old, but completely charming.   There is no air conditioning, but windows open up everywhere and the breeze is amazing.


Today, my kids all wanted to spend time laying with me in the hammock.


 We spent time at the beach, playing and swimming with the three turtles that call our beach their home.


DSC_0127 Josiah is in his glory.   He snorkelled out to swim with the turtles, following them.   They are curious creatures and come right up to you in the water to check you out.   They brush up against you and poke their heads out of the water to look at you.   They even bite you, as Josiah learned... but it didn't stop him from swimming with them.   After his shower tonight, he wrote a message on the mirror in the steam that said "Turtles make me happy=:)".   You are not allowed to reach out and touch the turtles as it can harm them.


This is Josiah's favourite spot to sit, when he can't be in the water with the turtles... he can sit above the water and watch them.




Jessica said...

It looks like you are having awonderful vacation. You take such beautiful pictures!!!

the meaklims said...

Gorgeous pictures is right! That first one is amazing!!

What a beautiful vacation.

Danae said...

Sooo beautiful, I'm officially jealous:) Love the picture of Josiah in the tree.

Marie said...

Looks like the perfect place. Love the pic of Josiah in the tree...reminds me of Alex.

Roger said...

Hi there...I know this is out of the blue, but I was searching the internet for GuangAn SWI and found a link to your blog. We also adopted a little girl from the GuangAn SWI in NOvember of 2010. We met her in Chengdu on November 1st. Our daughter (Anyssa) was 5 1/2 and is now 7. Her name at the SWI was Tao Jiyuan. I would like to swap some pictures with you...maybe our little girls knew each other! If interested, please e-mail me at rogostro@gmail.com


Monica said...

Gorgeous images! I love the one of your son in that cool tree. Keep the beautiful photos coming!

Patrick and Christina said...

Oh!... that is one dreamy looking vacation spot! As always so many beautiful pictures!

Turtles make me smile too! :)