Thursday, September 6, 2012



Today, is the little girls first day of Kindergarten. They were suppose to start yesterday, but because of Lilah's surgery, we postponed it one day.


They are so excited.

We have a brand new school in our area, and this year I have five kids all in the same school. Kindergarten to grade nine.


Lilah and Zoe are in the afternoon class... and waiting all morning is not easy!



Make each day your masterpiece. -- John Wooden


Jessica said...

great pics, so exciting...I loved Kindergarten :)

The Drinkwaters said...

They are getting so big! Hoping the first day went well and they enjoyed meeting their new teacher!

Beth said...

Wow, one school for 5 must be sooooo much easier! Yay. So cool the girls will be part of the first K class in the new school:)

Marie said...

Beautiful pics. Waiting for kindergarten can be so hard. Hope they have a wonderful experience.

Danae said...

Hope the first day went well for both the girls and Mama! We have the same Pinkalicious backpack at our house too;-)

Patrick and Christina said...

Great first day pictures!

Cool, one school for all the gang! Hoping they have a great first day!

Will Silas be going to Preschool this year or just hanging out at home with Mom? (How is the english coming along?).

Monica said...

Okay, these back-to-school portraits are awesome!! Great setting and omigosh, the girls look so cute in their outfits and pigtails. They look very excited. I hope they enjoyed their first days!

Marcy P said...

Great pictures! Your girls are beautiful!!