Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Glasses


I had wanted to get Lilah new glasses before she started Kindergarten, but when I took her in they tested her eyes and then recommended we patch 5-6 hours per day again, to see if her prescription would change at all.


After six weeks of patching, her prescription changed very slightly and they saw she had an astigmatism. We ordered new glasses.


It is very difficult to pick glasses for Lilah as she is just so small, the options are very limited. She wanted purple. We had to settle for purple with pink. But hey, they are Disney Princess glasses, so that was okay with her!


We think she looks adorable!


Shawna said...

Very pretty!!

Jessica said...

she looks very cute in her new glasses.

Dixie-Lee said...

she looks awesome in those new glasses :)

the meaklims said...

Positively adorable!! Love them.


Marie said...

Astigmatism runs in my family, although I really don't know too much about it...I do know it is a challenge.
Love Lilah's new glasses! The suit her beautifully!

Anonymous said...

She is such a sweetee - and she has good taste in color. Minerva

Patrick and Christina said...

She looks pretty proud of those new glasses! Love purple too!

Denise said...

They look adorable on her. I'm glad you could find some she can feel proud to wear.

Monica said...

She looks perfectly pretty in her purple specs!

Pearlie Mccubbin said...

Good thing you opted to get Lilah checked early before her astigmatism got worse. Getting glasses at a young age can help curb the effects of astigmatism and prevent the further deterioration of the eyesight. By the way, Lilah picked a great frame for her glasses! It definitely suits her.

@Pearlie Mccubbin

Augusta Tippins said...

It looks great on her! She chose well with those frames. Hopefully those frames are sturdy. Even with you advising her on proper care for her glasses, kids will be kids. I consider it a good month if my boy doesn’t break, bend or misalign his glasses more than 3 times.

Augusta @