Monday, September 10, 2012

Preschool for Silas


Today, Silas started preschool. He has been so excited and it was really hard for him to wait, when everyday, he watched all his siblings go to school without him.


Silas is going to Little Blessings Christian Preschool, which is where Lilah and Zoe went last year. We had checked out the school and met the teacher on Saturday, so he was somewhat prepared. The teacher at this school is amazing! She just adopted a little four year old girl and so she understands the process of adoption and what that can do to a child.

I also met another mom who just adopted a four year old boy in May (same as Silas) but locally and we want to get together to talk more.


Silas went to school from 9am to 6pm everyday when he was living in China. He even had all three meals there. So he does know what school is and what it is like to go, even if he does only get to go three afternoons a week here.


Silas did have one little breakdown today. He tries to be so strong, but when he cries he really lets it all out and I am sure it was out of fear of me leaving him -- even though it was only for an hour today.

He told me when I picked him up, "I missed you mommy!"

I told him I missed him too.

And I did.


Patrick and Christina said...

Oh my, that last bit is so touching I am in tears!

Paige, it is so encouraging to see how he has bonded with you and your family! What a blessing! :)

Jessica said...

he has grown so much in these last few months!!! How exciting preschool, and what a blessing about the teacher and meeting another mom with adopted kiddos :)

Beth said...

WOW, what a handsome little guy. So sweet to tell you he missed you:)

Denise said...

awww... sweet guy.

Dianne said...

So precious...

Monica said...

Awww! What a little sweetie! Congrats, Silas, on starting preschool!

Marcy P said...

He is adorable!! I love when my kids express how much they missed me b/c I miss them too. Great post!