Saturday, September 8, 2012

Violin Lessons


Today, I went out and rented this sweet violin. Someone in house is about to start some lessons.


This violin is about the tiniest violin I have ever seen! It is so cute...


Lilah will be starting lessons on Monday. She seems to be very musical, she sings very well and loves music. She gets very nervous and insecure when she is put on stage in a group -- like in dance class -- but I think playing an instrument might just be the right thing for her.

PicMonkey Collage

Lilah is so excited to start playing... it could be interesting... I may need some ear plugs.

You can see in some of these photos how Lilah's eye looks. She is one tough little girl. She handles pain very well and didn't ask for any painkillers after the first day. The swelling in her eye is going down day by day, but the eye is getting blacker each day too.

They took the fat from her belly, so she has one stitch in her belly button. She also has one stitch on the outer part of her eyelid and then one stitch in her nose, where they also went through. The surgery took longer than I expected and she was in recovery for quite awhile due to pain.

Hopefully, once the swelling goes down, we will see that everything looks good and she will only need one more fill. We will see the surgeon in 3 months and see what he says then.


When words leave off, music begins. -- Heinrich Heine


Marie said...

How adorable! I can totally see her being a superb violinist!

That eye looks nasty! Praying it will heal quickly and that everything looks as it should.

Monica said...

Oh she looks so cute with that tiny violin! You may be surprised: Claire's playing isn't as bad as I thought it would be! Or maybe I just have a high tolerance level, hee hee.

Thanks for sharing how Lilah is doing post-surgery. I cannot believe how tough she is!

Anonymous said...

Liliah seems like such a little sweetie! Can't wait to hear her play. Minerva

Beth said...

Awesome, it looks good on her. I remember how tiny Claire's violin was when we saw her with it! She's such a tough little cookie! Hopefully she'll only need to endure the one more.

Patrick and Christina said...

That is so sweet! She looks right at home with it in her little hands!

Praying she has an easy recovery from here on in. What a brave little girl!

Danae said...

What a strong little gal Lilah is, that black eye looks so painful. That violin is adorable!