Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Snow




We are just so lucky, where we live, that we get our first snow in early October. *Insert sarcasm* Luckily, it is suppose to warm up again, so this shouldn't last long!




We are pretty sure that Silas has never experienced snow. He woke up this morning, saw the snow and was super excited.



We had talked to him about snow and he of course, had no idea what we were talking about. But the other kids were excited, so he was too.


I took him out this morning to check it out. "It is cold mommy!" I tried to tell him that this is nothing. It is not really cold here until your nose freezes shut and your eyelashes turn white.

As least someone is enjoying the snow!


Dianne said...

Love all these "firsts"! Can't wait to see what he thinks when there is enough to really play in. :)

Sherri Davidson said...

Oh my I love those pics!!! Such wonderment!! I love snow too and yep woke up to it today as well. Then we were lucky and yes I really do mean lucky enough to watch it snow some more. I am one of those weird people that love snow, and yes I do live in Canada. LOL :)

Kjbikakis said...

awh so cute! Send some snow down to Nebraska? (: haha

Marie said...

We were enjoying the snow this morning as well. It was the perfect day for baking buns/bread.
Love the look of wonder on Silas' face. And the hat is adorable.

Jessica said...

Snow is so exciting as a kid. I love that he enjoyed it...he will sure love making a snow fort!!!

the meaklims said...

Oh my oh my ... snow already! That is just nasty!

Does Silas ever look cute in the snow! Love his hat and mittens. soon he will really appreciate snow, when he gets to sleigh down a hill! :)


Patrick and Christina said...

I LOVE his expression in that first picture!

Great hat and mittens. I can't wait to see how he feels about playing in knee deep in the white stuff with frosty eye lashes! ;)

Monica said...

The look of wonder on Silas' face in that first photo especially is so sweet. Great capture!

Snow is so magical for kids. Not so much for the adults who need to shovel it, drive through it and mop up after it when it is carried into the house on little boots!

Danae said...

Hmmm, not sure what is more adorable...Silas the turkey or Silas the monkey:-)