Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mountain Tops and Valleys


I can't say a lot about what we have been through in the past week or so, I never know for sure who is reading this blog, that may be involved in this situation in some way.

It has been an emotional roller coaster of a week. We received a call from our adoption agency, telling us about a five year old girl who was adopted from the China Waiting Child Program, who was now being put back into the system, after only two months. Would we consider adopting her?

We were very anxious for about 12 hours and then Tim and I both had total peace. We were praying that God would place this child with the best possible family for HER. Whether that was us, or someone else, that was our first wish.

After a week of waiting, she was placed with another family. In the end, there were seven families who wanted her. We trust our agency and their decisions, and know that she will now be loved and cherished in her new home.

Some of the things this little girl had to deal with were ridiculous. A Social Worker somewhere, did not do their job. Her first adoptive family had no common sense and no idea what to expect with the adoption of a five year old.

So our struggle, has been WHY? Why put us through this experience? We know God always has a plan, and we may never know how His plan unfolds, but we do know it is ALWAYS for the greater good.

Oswald Chambers talks about times of exhalation on the mountaintop, but how God will never allow us to stay there. He wants us to descend down the mountain and lift up the people in the valley. We are made for the valley and the ordinary things in life. We simply have to trust God's plan. We think that every experience should teach us something, when in fact, it is to be turned into something better than teaching... character.

The mountaintop is not to teach us anything. It is to MAKE us something. -- Oswald Chambers


Jessica said...

heard about her last night through our mutual s.w. so sad :(

the meaklims said...

Wow... so sad. Praying this little girl recovers and that her life will be even more enriched with a better family.


Marie said...

You have me in tears. I can only imagine what kind of week it was for you. Will be praying for this little girl.
Love how God gives us peace in the turmoil. You may never know why God allowed you to go through this experience. Sometimes I think he is testing us to see if we will obey...a little like Abraham with Isaac, and sometimes it may be that he just wants us to pray for someone.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

What an ordeal she has had to go through- but what a blessing that there were that many families who wanted her & wanted to give her that love she deserves.

(gorgeous image btw)

Patrick and Christina said...

His peace is perfect when it comes!

Will be praying for healing for this poor little girl. Hopefully the experience will land that she was REALLY wanted...SEVEN families stepped forward to try and claim her as their very own...amazing! What an awesome way to show his Love for her. This sure tugs at my heart...can't see through the tears right now!

How true that sometimes the turmoil is only to develop the character we need for his Kingdom work....I can only image what aweseome things he has in store for your family!

Denise said...

I so love your heart, Paige. That you were so willing and ready to receive her into your home. I don't know why God allowed this test for you - but I think you passed with flying colours. I hope someday this little girl's new family will be able to tell her how there were 7 families ready and willing to receive her into their homes - that it will always be a testimony to God's love and care for her. 7 is His number after all ;) And you were a part of that even though it didn't necessarily end the way you had hoped.


Danae said...

My heart aches for this little gal and for all that she has been though but so very grateful to you and the other families who had their hearts & homes open to her.

Anonymous said...

Did you share these concerns with your children and what was their reaction? I can't begin to imagine what this little girl had to go through. Language was probably just a very small part of the turmoil that she was coping with. How your hearts must have been aching as you prayed for the best to be done for her.Minerva

Monica said...

So, so sad. I admire you and Tim so much for opening your hearts to this little girl. Your agency definitely knew the right people to call. May the little girl heal from this experience and be cherished in her new home.