Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: {Big Kids}


I almost forgot about these photos from our camping trip in August. They were on our laptop and my husband is about to clean it off, so he asked me to check which photos I wanted to keep.

These were definitely keepers.


They are all taken in small town Rosebud. A town full of old buildings, old farm equipment and old benches.


We were about to go to a dinner theatre and so the kids were all looking pretty decent for campers, and were actually up for some photos.


I always seem to be posting about my three little ones, so this time, I am happy to get to post about my four bigger ones!


This sweet boy of mine is growing and growing quickly. Every two months we shop for new pants, he grew two inches since school started on September 4th!


What a blessing these kids are in this family. How they have accepted their littlest siblings with open arms and hearts always amazes me.

I am joining in on Sunday Snapshot.

Ni Hao Yall


the meaklims said...

Can't believe he grew 2 inches in such a short space of time!


Denise said...

Ach!! What is happening to our kids? I can't believe how grown up J and M are looking. So amazing.

Sophi Belle said...

Beautiful portraits of beautiful kids. <3

Marie said...

Send some that growth spurt this way! Alex would love to be growing 2 inches every few months.
It is such a blessing to have our older kids welcome their new siblings with open arms.

Jessica said...

beautiful kids

Patrick and Christina said...

Love the photo's of the big kids!

Hope you survive the growth spurt...tall pants, big grocery bills and all! :) (My boy ate like a bird at that stage...double his weight in food everyday!)

Monica said...

I always love seeing photos of your big kids and hearing about them. Beautiful images! And Rosebud is definitely going onto my list of places to visit! It sounds like a real gem.