Friday, November 2, 2012

Adoption Awareness Month

Orphan Sunday 2012 from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

November is Adoption Awareness Month and Sunday, November 4th, is specifically Orphan Sunday. I love that this day is not only a day for promoting adoption, but it is a day to celebrate adoption.

As Susan and I have travelled around speaking at different engagements for Spirit of Adoption Alberta and meeting some amazing people in the adoption community, we have learned that promoting adoption can be very difficult.

I have spoken to woman in large churches who have started up adoption ministries (advocacy, information nights, support groups) within their churches and yet, they too are struggling with finding open doors when it comes to orphan care ministries.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook this week, her frustrations with promoting adoption within churches. She referred to Matthew 19:13-15. Where Jesus is teaching and along comes a group of children and the adults try to ignore these children and get rid of them. But Jesus gathers those children close and says, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

We will never end the orphan crisis or fix the legalities that surround adoption in countries where so many children need families, but we will continue to fight for the orphan.

I do think we are going to see a big movement within church families within the next few years, much of this in part because of Focus on the Family and their End the Wait campaign.

I believe that adoption is often "catching" and as families see the blessings it brings, more people will begin the process. Let me say here, that the media often talks about adoption being a "fad"... but anyone who has gone through the adoption process, will tell you that with both the emotional roller coaster ride and the overwhelming amount of paperwork, adoption is something you must really want!

I find this to be very exciting, to see God's plan -- which is always so much bigger than ours-- unfold.

I am going to post some photos of my children, before and after... oh, how their lives have changed! Oh, how loved they are!

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Jessica said...

wonderful post. beautiful kids. I do so hear the struggle about adoption and the church. Doing a presentation this Sunday..Pray for me and my friend who are presenting.

Denise said...

The photos of Lilah especially bring me to tears. I really do hope that the church will see the need for orphan care ministries. I don't understand why this should be so difficult for churches to embrace when it is so clearly the basis of what we believe. But the End The Wait conferences are filled with church goers who have a heart for this - lets hope and pray that God will soften the hearts of the leaders in churches to fully support and advocate for this. That we truly can let the little children come meet Jesus through our love for them.

Patrick and Christina said...

I LOVE how the eye's of the adopted child change when they start receiving abounding love in a family. I see it here in each of your kids...that internal tranformation where they know they are safe and loved. I saw it in my little girl too and long for it in my son -to-be.

Hoping that your vision comes to fruition!


Marie said...

I agree with Christina...they eyes do change and that is so precious to see!
I've been praying through the 40 days of prayer suggested on the Orphan Sunday web site and can't seem to get past the "pray for the leadership in churches" vital to having things change. I do think we will see bigger changes happening in the near future. More and more people are becoming aware, are being challenged in their beliefs. In our community it seems the youth are most receptive to this message...and that is exciting!