Sunday, November 18, 2012

In China


Tim has been in China on his annual medical mission trip now for ten days.


He loves this trip. He gets to what he loves to do, without all the politics and paperwork.

But I can tell he is starting to feel ready to come home.

They work very very hard and have very long days.


I am missing him! Maybe I shouldn't have made him stay that extra day in Beijing to do some shopping for me!

But I know he will come home full of stories, feeling rejuvenated and exhausted all at the same time.


Jessica said...

We are thankful for surgeons like Tim who volunteer their time and talent to those in need in China. Praying for a safe flight home!!

D&D said...

Tim is my Hero!

the meaklims said...

I've said this before, the man is amazing. But so are you, for holding down the fort at home!

Shopping??! *grin*


Marie said...

I thought he must be there this month. Been thinking of you a lot lately...and praying.
What an incredible's people like him that have made a difference in our kids' lives...Thanks Tim!