Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Captain's Dinner


Our family was invited to the Captain's Dinner at our local fire station on Friday night. This is something that never happens. Families aren't invited to the fire stations for dinner, even the fire fighters families aren't invited to the station for dinner, unless it is a holiday dinner.


We have known the Captain of this fire station for 20 years. But haven't seen him in years. He recently had a mountain climbing injury, where he ended up with shale in his leg. He was waiting for surgery for three days and kept getting bumped by emergencies. Tim ran into him in the hospital stairwell on the third day and decided to take him into the clinic to remove the shale. Doug was so thankful that he invited us to the fire hall so the fire fighters could cook us a meal.


We got the full tour of the fire station, the tour that they never give anyone. I mean... we even got to see the bathroom and dorms! We were shown the trucks and where everything is stored in those trucks.

PicMonkey Collage


Josiah was chosen to put on all the fire fighting gear.


They even turned on the oxygen tank. You can see in the one photo that the alarm is going off on Josiah's chest because he wasn't moving.


We may have a fireman (or four) in the making!


They cooked us an amazing meal of grilled asparagus, roasted squash, pork tenderloin stuffed with dried tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach, garlic bread and for dessert they mixed up chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies.

These fire fighters know how to cook!

We feel very honoured to have been invited by these men to join them for dinner.

And the kids were super excited when the fire fighters received a call, the alarms went off and they got to watch them change into their gear and the trucks leave, sirens on.


fourmorans said...

Wow! That is so cool!

Patrick and Christina said...

Wow, what an amazing family dinner! What an amazing thank you!

...Love it when doctors get appreciated for the amazing things they do in service to the public.

Marie said...

What an amazing evening...what an opportunity! It really is true that "what goes around, comes around!"

Anonymous said...

Tim, your family has been given an awesome experience because of your big heart. Minerva

teresa said...

This is such a great story! We haven't seen Doug in many, many years either - how wonderful that you could reconnect in this way. One just never knows who will come back into your life, but what a wonderful surprise for all of you!

Beth said...

OH wow, that's an experience of a lifetime. The kids will talk about it forever. Our tire popped outside our fire station a couple of years back. The firefighters were outside on the deck and heard it so they came and changed it for us. They got Ava a colouring book and to this day she talks about it often. We baked them cookies and took them as a thank you and they showed her around. So lovely of him to show his appreciation in that way to your family. Way to go Tim.

arnie&bekah said...

That is really cool and seems very God-planned!

Jessica said...

wow, that is so cool. I think you just lived about every little boys dream. :)

the meaklims said...

Wow... that dinner sounds amazing!

And Tim is amazing too. What a very kind thing to do for a friend. Touching really.

Tim Riegel said...

Pretty cool. I was honoured to get an invite, and for my whole family...there are nine of us, there were 10 firefighters.

Doug was pretty down having been waiting and having two different doctors try and fail to remove while he was awake. He had been praying to get a turn in the OR and had asked many friends to pray he would get an opportunity to get to the OR. His neighbour in the hospital was a young man with a broken Jaw, one of the plastic surgery patients, also waiting for surgery. He was laid up in bed, so Doug offered to go get this kid something from the gift shop. As he was returning from picking up a magazine I saw him from quite aways off as I came down the stairway. He looked pretty down and had the tell tale patient armband...So I went to him and heard his story and took care of him in our procedure room at the back of the Firefighters' Burn Treatment Unit...pretty sure God helped connect some brothers that day.

Marcy P said...

Very cool story! A great experience for all, I'm sure! We have a small town fire dept that is the local hub for the community. They don't grill asparagus but they sure can BBQ a burger :-)