Sunday, December 2, 2012

First time skating


Today, the lake opened for skating. Silas was so excited to join his big brothers and Daddy.



Silas is constantly licking his lips, they are so chapped. Our dry air is doing a number on his skin.


Uh oh... here he goes...




But he was determined to get back up, every single time.



And sometimes clear the snow from the ice, to see if he could see the fish underneath.


It warms my heart to see Silas doing these things he loves. That he is able to keep up with his Daddy and his big brothers. Six months ago we never thought he would be allowed to skate.

But he can. And he loves it. And Tim had to drag him back inside.



Marie said...

Always love that first time out on the ice. So adorable watching those little feet at those crazy angles.

Jessica said...

he did awesome for his first skate, great pics as always :)

Dianne said...

Oh, I love seeing these firsts with our "big" kids. :) Silas looks like he had a great time.

Monica said...

Hi Paige!

I'm finally catching up on blogging so don't be surprised to see a bunch of comments roll in from me!

This post is so cute. It is truly a wonderful, heartwarming thing to see Silas experiencing these things that it first appeared he would not be able to do. What a joy! That last picture of him in particular really captures something special.

Regarding his chapped lips and dry skin, oh how I remember Ren's dry skin that first year! It was terrible! And even his second year here he suffered from horribly chapped lips, in part because he developed the awful habit of constantly licking them. I bought him his own little chapstick to carry in his pocket so that every time he felt the urge to lick, he pulled out his chapstick and applied it instead. It worked to break the habit and improve his lips. Just don't forget to empty his pockets before doing laundry!

the meaklims said...

Oh so sweet! Glad to hear he is able to skate, isn't that amazing?! God is so good.

I meant to get back to you on the dry skin thing when you asked about Phebe. Her little cheeks are a bit dry, but I have been creaming them like mad and they seem to be coming around. When we brought Lilah home, she had a bit of dry skin, she would get little red spots all around her mouth, like eczema. Anyway, the doctor told me I was bathing her far too often, that she only needed it once or twice a week. He said the water dried out her skin too much. After I stopped bathing her so much, it really improved. Not sure if this is helpful. :)


Patrick and Christina said...

Hi Paige,

Catching up on the blog roll...Silas is soooo cute!

Lovely pictures and post on his first experience skating. Watching little ones learn to skate always reminds me of Bambi's first experience with the ice with their little legs going in all directions. I simply love that he was checking for the "fish" cookie! :)