Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh, the things they say!


While driving in the car listening to the radio and a song by Hedley came on.

Lilah: Mom, how do you kiss someone inside out?


Zoe was walking around the house one evening in pj's and sunglasses.

Abby: Zoe, why are you wearing your sunglasses at night?

Zoe: Because I am beautiful!


Zoe brings me the phone one day after school.

Zoe: Mommy, can you call my best friend so she can come over?

Me: What is her phone number?

Zoe: 1 2 3 4 5

Me: What is her name?

Zoe: Lahore

Me: Lahore?

Zoe: No! Lahore!

Me: Lahore?

Zoe: No! Lahore!

(Repeat 5x)

Me: Okay, what does she look like?

Zoe: She has a chocolate face.


*I have had to disable anonymous comments on my blog due to an enormous amount of spam emails coming through to my account.


the meaklims said...

Oh yes, she is beautiful! I love her confidence!


Patrick and Christina said...

That Zoe is a spitefire girl for sure! : )
Lilah is ceratinly a deep thinker...

They are going to really keep you young and give you many gray hairs all at the same time! Enjoy, Enjoy! :)

Marie said...

Your girls are hilarious! Love the "chocolate face" comment!