Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eli is 12


Today is Eli's 12th birthday.


He didn't ask for much. He didn't want a party, or a sleepover, or any activities with friends.

He wanted to go for sushi with his family. He wanted Sauerkraut and Kniphla for supper.

And he wanted a new bmx bike to replace the one he had last year that was stolen.


Pretty simple wishes. So they all came true.


Beth said...

Cake looks great Paige. I think my SIL did that on last year. Curious to know what Kniphla are??

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!! that cake looks delicious!!!!

Marie said...

Isn't it kinda nice to not have to plan a big party? As much as I enjoy it, it does become more difficult as they get older.
Happy Birthday Eli.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday, Eli!

I always look forward to seeing your cakes, Paige. This one didn't disappoint!

the meaklims said...

Lovely snapshots of your Eli's pecial day! Now he's gonna want to take that bike to the bike park!! Or whatever that place is called! ;) You can tell I don't have boys!!

Happy Birthday Eli.

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy Birthday to Eli! Oh boy Paige, that cake looks divine!

Ouch, I know what it is like to have a bike stolen. Wishing Eli many adventures on the new one!