Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Pretty


"Beauty is looking into someone's eyes and seeing their heart."-- Unknown

One of the biggest Christmas present hits this year for the little girls, was this Barbie Make Up kit.


Everyday, they want to put on their "faces" like Mommy does... but we don't allow it until they are home from school and if they are sticking close to home for the day.


Just let me say here... it can get a bit scary! We won't be posting any pictures of the after look.


Oh, how I love having little girls!


"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". -- Coco Chanel


Danae said...

Oh please, we want after photos! This gift is a little girl's dream come true!
Isn't it just the best when you find a gift that they love?!

Denise said...

So cute. I second that vote... I want after pictures too :) I love having girls too! It's so fun to see them dress up pretty, and preen before the mirror. And to teach them that true beauty comes from the person they are rather than what they see in the mirror... hoping and praying they grasp that better (and sooner) than I did!

Marie said...

Three votes for pics of the girls with makeup! Would love to see that! :)

Patrick and Christina said...

Oh they are so CUTE! They are looking into the mirror so intently....those little minds grow up and try to be big so fast!

p.s. :) Four votes for the after pictures!

Monica said...

Oh my, these are great captures! That one of Lilah looking in the mirror so intensely is lovely. And that one of Zoe applying eye shadow with her nose all scrunched up ... so, so, so cute!

Yes, I agree, it is a ton of fun with girls!