Monday, January 14, 2013

Micah Eve


Micah recently told me that January 14th, was now to be called Micah Eve. The night before his birth.


Tomorrow we will be celebrating his birthday with gifts and hamburgers, his very favourite meal.

On Saturday, we had a skating party at our house and invited seven of his bestest friends. I have forgotten how LOUD boys are!

They made their own pizzas, ate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake with ice cream, drank lots of blue pop, burped over and over... and over again.


PicMonkey Collage

A few things about Micah:

- He is in love with Basketball and plays on a league in our community. He is often dribbling a basketball around the house, bouncing it off the walls, driving me crazy.

- He is very tall for his age. He is the same height now, that Josiah was when Joe was 10 1/2. If I have predicted right, he will grow to be about 6 ft. 4 in. -- Let me say here that my prediction for Abby was right on at 5 ft. 10 in.

- He hates to read anything. I am trying to encourage all my boys to read... none of them want to.

- He is a blue stripe in Tae Kwon Do. He is at a stand still right now, too young to proceed to the next level.

- He has an amazing group of friends this year at his new school.

- He loves school, but mostly the social part. His favourite subjects being Physical Education and Recess.

- He is still very affectionate and will curl up with me on the couch for cuddles. I love it!


Happy 9th birthday to my sweet son!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Micah!!!

Marie said...

Yup! Boys are loud! Not sure how you could! Our boys are genreally quite quiet and then they have friends over and we realize how lucky we are! :)

Love the baby photos...precious!

Dixie-Lee said...

Happy Birthday Micah :)

the meaklims said...

Now THAT is precious, Micah eve!!! Love it.
Happy Birthday Micah, love those pictures, they are so poignant.

Danae said...

I'm kinda thinking he could be onto something...Birthday Eve?! What a great idea!

Happy Birthday!

Patrick and Christina said...

Love "Micah Eve"! Happy Birthday to your precious boy...Oh boy, those are sweet photo's of him soooo tiny. Where does all the time go? :)

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Micah!

The Drinkwaters said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day to celebrate Micah!

Monica said...

Another cool cake! This one is totally new to me - very yummy looking!

Happy Birthday to Micah! He sounds like a remarkable (and tall!) young man.