Saturday, February 16, 2013

Last Semester of High School


It is an exciting time in our house. Abby has entered her last semester of high school.


She will soon be 18. Legal. An adult.


The grad dress has been bought. A photographer booked. University acceptances are coming in.


She has loved high school, but I think she is ready to move on. And I know that she is prepared to be an adult. I am sure there will be some lessons learned along the way! But we are so excited to see where she will go...


Jessica said...

She is such a beautiful girl, such a kind face, and caring eyes. You are Blessed!!!!

Beth said...

Beautiful pics of your beautiful girl. I'm not far behind you but I don't like to think about it! Exciting and very scary all at the same time.

Marie said...

Beautiful as always! Love that dress! I'm sure Abby is ready for what's ahead. Must make you proud.

Denise said...

I'm sure she will do great with whatever she decides to do. What an exciting (yet terrifying) time of life!