Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mothers and Daughters


She is not so little anymore...

Abby and I are very close. She is very open with me and willing to share and talk about almost everything. And what she doesn't share, she knows that I know anyway! I tell her, someday we will sit down and chat about all these things, when they won't feel like such a big deal to her.

It stresses me out that she may be leaving our house soon. She is accepted to three different Universities, one being three hours away from home. It is her choice where she decides to go and I think she feels ready to be on her own, but knows that the cost of moving away is something she really needs to consider. I know that she would be fine.

It is hard as a mother to let your children go... and yet, we always remain mothers to our children. Hey, I still call my mom up for advice or ask her to come see me when I really need her support... and she always drops everything and comes to me.

There is a song on the radio right now that I call "our song". Abby rolls her eyes at me, with a smile on her face.


the meaklims said...

Even though she rolls her eyes, that song is SO fabulous and SO appropriate! I think your relationship with Abby is what every Mama wishes for!

Hope she chooses a locel Uni, but with her being so sensible, I get the feeling you won't mind if she goes away further. Plus, I know it doesn't work for every child, but they really learn a lot when they move away from home... more independance and self-discipline. :)

You and her Daddy will miss her, that's for sure!


Marie said...

Cute song. So appropriate! You are so blessed to have that kind of relationship with not only your daughter, but also with your mom. It is indeed what we all wish for.

Patrick and Christina said...

A close mother-daughter relationship is very special and I am sure it took years to foster that closeness. Reaping the benefits must be awesome!;)

If there is a secret let us know?? Girls can be so independent and pull away at Abby's age.

Wishing Abby a wonderful journey into post-secondary education. Lots of big decisions ahead but enjoy the process.

Monica said...

Mikaela and I have always had a very close relationship as well. Sending her 5 hours away last fall was tough for both of us. You may have to be creative to stay as close if she goes away to college, but it's so rewarding. :)

Denise said...

Perfect song :)