Sunday, February 3, 2013

Silas is 5


Today, is Silas' first birthday with us as a family. Today, Silas is five.

Since the first day we got Silas, he has been obsessed with marital arts and anything Power Ranger Samurai. So that was the theme of his party.


We invited a couple of his little friends over for a Power Ranger Training Camp, led by our very own black belt Samurai Master -- Daddy.

The boys had to complete six stations.

1. "Careful" - walk on a plank over an alligator pond.

2. "Teamwork" - sort coloured balls into bins labelled by colour.


3. "Help the good guys" - find the injured samurai's, and bandage them up.


4. "Defeat the bad guys" - knock down stuffed animals with bean bags.

5. "Strong" - use swords to hit oncoming fireballs, red balloons.

6. "Final Challenge" - training with the black belt master samurai.

I didn't get any photos of the the board breaking and kicking... I had to run out and get Abby, who was at a basketball tournament.

After each station, each boy was given a prize to add to his loot bag and received a medal at the end. They also had their own water bottles to drink from during their training.


The party was a lot of fun! We finished up with cupcakes and fruit and many presents.



Happy Birthday Silas!



Marie said...

Oh my! Love the intensity on Silas' face! What a cool and entertaining party!

Beth said...

All too cute! I bet he's one thrilled 5 year old:)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Silus :)

Dixie-Lee said...

awesome looking party. Happy Birthday Silas :)

Dianne said...

Happy birthday, Silas! What a fantastic first birthday party. :)

Tim said...

Well there was fruit... But Samurai Daddy forgot and we only ate cupcakes!

The Riegels said...

Happy birthday Silas from uncle Rob, aunty Kristy& cousins Faith and Theo

The Riegels said...

Happy birthday Silas from uncle Rob, aunty Kristy& cousins Faith and Theo

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy Birthday Silas! What an awesome party.

We LOVE the last picture! :)

the meaklims said...

Nice work Paige, great party theme! It looks like it was a complete hit! Silas is SUCH a handsome boy.

Happy 5th Birthday!

Tracy said...

Happy birthday Silas! Looks like so much fun! Daniel loves martial arts and super heroes, too!

stephanie said...

Sam had a lot of fun at the party and keeps "showing" us his new martial arts moves :)