Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoe's Assessment


Zoe has improved tremendously since the school year started. She really does have the most amazing teacher, who adores her and know exactly how to deal with her.

I met with the teacher today, to go over Zoe's individual program plan for Kindergarten. Zoe has mild/moderate developmental delays, but her teacher believes that with some extra help, it won't take much for Zoe to catch up with her peers.

The main issue that Zoe has is focusing and sitting still. They use a weighted bag or fidget toys for Zoe, and the good thing is that the teacher explains to the children that each child is different and needs help in different areas, and this is one of the areas that Zoe needs help in, so sometimes she gets to use these items, just like another child may get to use something else that works for them. No child is ever pointed out or made to feel different. They continue to use these aids into grade one as well.

Zoe is also learning about personal space and keeping her hands to herself. She has improved in this area as well, with consistent reminders.

One thing they do in class when a child makes an inappropriate choice or hurts someone, is that child has to sit alone for a bit and think of a way to make the other child feel better (restorative justice). Instead of just saying "sorry", which often doesn't mean a lot, they have to interact with that child they hurt, by doing some sort of activity together. I am going to try this at home as well!

Zoe responds well to words of praise. If she is told she is doing a good job, she will continue to do a good job. Everyday, she asks her teacher, "Can I tell my mom that I was good today?" and the teacher will say yes, or no, and give her the reason why.

I have said before, how this girl keeps us constantly laughing. When she is good. And when she is bad (we are often covering up our mouths so she can't see!).

Yesterday, Silas stepped on Zoe's legs.

Zoe: (yelling) "Aaaaggghhh! THAT HURT!"

Me: Zoe, please talk nicely.

Zoe: (whispering) "Aaaaggghhh! That hurt..."


Beth said...

Oh my Paige, that photo is crazy beautiful!! Glad Zoe is getting all the support she needs. I'm sure she'll soar.

Denise said...

She is gorgeous... I'm so glad you have such a wonderful and supportive teacher for Zoe. I might have to try one of those weighted bags for Amara during meals times as that girl cannot.sit.still! I like the ideal of having to think of a way to make amends instead of just saying sorry as well. I'm so glad that Zoe is making big strides!

Jessica said...

It sounds like Zoe has an amazing teacher, that makes such a huge difference. Micah used to use a weighted vest and a weighted blanket :) and he still has his fidget toys with him at school :)

the meaklims said...

She is doing wonderful. And I;m so thrilled she has a teacher that throughly understands her. That is amazing. Way to go Zoe!


Marie said...

How wonderful that Zoe has such a great teacher. Love the idea of making amends...may have to mention it to the teachers at our kids' school.

Patrick and Christina said...

Beautiful photo of beautiful Zoe!

What a fanatastic teacher and supportive school.
Love the making amends idea. I think I will try that Sydney too.

They certainly do make us that last bit with Zoe's version of "nicer" as it is sooooo familiar! :)