Monday, March 4, 2013

Dancing Diva


Zoe loves to dance.

She has been taking dance for two years now. But mostly, she makes up her own moves.


Everyday, she asks me to put on the music, so she can dance.

It's "Mama! Watch me!" or "Mama! Take a picture!".

She dances in front of the fireplace, where she can watch herself in the glass.

Zoe dancing from Paige Riegel on Vimeo.

I have always wanted a little girl that loves to dance.


Marie said...

She is adorable! Love her moves! Malia loves to dance too...and I've always wanted someone in the family that could dance...all the menno blood in us sort of inhibits that! LOL!

Jessica said...

Zoe has got some awesome moves!!!!

Beth said...

She's just a groovin'! Got a future in choreo I think:)

the meaklims said...

Wow... she is like one of those duracell battery commercials! And can she EVER bust a move... fantastic Zoe!!

Love love LOVE those two pictures - they're absolutely beautiful and serene. And I can even see how much happier Lilah is in that first one. Can you notice a difference since the therapy? Honestly, she looks like a different child! Wonderful!


Denise said...

Love her smile through the whole dance. We need to get the girls together for a little dance party!

Patrick and Christina said...

Look at those little legs go! She certainly has a love for jazz or hip hop with those quick moves.

You can see the joy that she has for dance...totally love the video! ...still wish she was in one of my classes! :)