Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sneak Peek


Grad is just around the corner.

Abby's grad will take place the May long weekend. Each school gets a different weekend. There are 500 kids graduating in her class. Grad happens over two nights. The first is the commencements and the second is the banquet.


Finding a dress was not easy. Has anyone looked for grad (prom) dresses lately??? There are a lot of hideous dresses out there... I wanted to take pictures of some of the ones we saw, but there were signs up and ladies watching that no photos were to be taken. There are also a lot of very skimpy dresses out there and that wasn't the look we were going for.


We started to search online. Abby was very picky about what she was looking for. Every dress I would show her, she would hate. Every dress she showed me cost thousands of dollars (apparently she has very expensive, designer taste) and I said no and laughed at her.

Finally, one evening I found this dress on a website and left it open on the computer as I was heading out the door, I texted her to go look at it, telling her I think I had found the perfect dress... she texted back a few minutes later and said she loved it.

So we measured her and ordered it, knowing it would have to be shipped to relatives in Memphis first (they didn't ship to Canada) and then on to us, praying the whole time that it would fit! Abby is 5' 10", so length is always an issue.

The shipping date kept getting bumped and two days before I was going to cancel the order, the dress came and it fit. Almost perfect. It needed to be taken in in the waist a little and the beading at the shoulders needed some extra stitches, so it would fall nicely. It is now altered and ready to be worn.

And she looks stunning in it!


So, this is just a little sneak peek. We have our professional photographer booked for when the cherry blossoms come into bloom. I can hardly wait for you all to see the whole dress...


Dixie Larocque said...

looks stunning. Can't wait to see the complete dress.

Patrick and Christina said...

Beautiful preview and absolutely stunning...love the back details! What a lucky girl she is ...can't wait to the rest.

Jessica said...

She looks beautiful, elegant like Grace Kelly!! What a gorgeous gown!!!!

the meaklims said...

Ahhh, fabulous taste, Mom and daughter! Looks stunning, cannot wait for the professionals... wait, YOU are a professional! :)


Marie said...

I like what Jill says...you are the professional!
Love the dress...especially the detail on the waist! Can't wait to see more!

Beth said...

Those are stunning as usual. Soon I will need a thesaurus as I'm running out of good adjectives! It looks perfect for her. Perhaps in a couple of years you'll share the website - I have American relatives too:) Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Dianne said...

Stunning! I can't wait to see the rest.

The Drinkwaters said...

The little bits you have shown look lovely!

arnie&bekah said...

That is the most beautiful dress!!!!!!!